Search Engine Optimization Beverly Hills | SEO and Your Facebook Page

If you are looking to compete with other businesses in Beverly Hills, you should seek out the latest, most effective SEO techniques. This means understanding where SEO is going and what you can do to master the current SEO landscape.  Over the past couple of years, Facebook has become an important avenue to market a business. This trend has accelerated in the last year thanks to Google’s recent algorithm changes, which place a greater emphasis on customer engagement and satisfaction. Below are a few things our search engine optimization Beverly Hills firm employs regularly to take full advantage of social media outlets like Facebook.

Manage Your Page

Make sure your Facebook page is engaging to your visitors. Interact with them. Provide a community that keeps your fans coming back.

Placing Your Text

You can use your keywords and phrases on your wall, since your wall is indexed too. Just make sure you keep your visitors in mind and generate content they will “Like.” Besides your wall, you can place your keywords and phrases in your About and Info pages. Just don’t go overboard on keywords. You can place keywords in image names too.

Pay Attention to Labels

Your custom URL, custom tabs, and even your Facebook page are ranked in search engines. Make sure they are all consistent with your brand and your business name. Our search engine optimization Beverly Hills firm makes sure to optimize labels for every Facebook page we work on.

You Need Links

Links are still important with Google’s rankings: links going to your Facebook page from other Facebook pages and pages outside of Facebook help to increase rankings of your page. Just make sure the links are coming from quality, trafficked sources.

Leverage Multimedia

Videos are a great way to attract visitors, visitors who can share your page with others and help build likes and visits. Make sure you are using keywords in your video titles too.

Appeal to Google

You can use fan gates to attract fans on your page and build buzz around your content, but you should know that the gated content is going to be hidden on search engines. Make sure your targeted keywords are on public pages that are visible to Google’s search.

Hire a Professional

Our search engine optimization Beverly Hills firm,Coalition Technologies, specializes in the latest SEO methods, including optimization on social media outlets. Our coordinated efforts target user experience and satisfaction, intelligent marketing on traditional and social media platforms, quality linking, branding and reputation management, and much more. Hire our search engine optimization Beverly Hills firm and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. We can increase your search engine rankings, your market share, and your conversion rate with our methods. What are you waiting for? Call us today at 1-888-594-4529 and get your free quote.

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