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SEO ConsultingThe commerce sector has changed drastically in the last decade. Print media advertising can only take you so far, if anywhere at all. Relying on billboards and bus stop signs as marketing tools is a thing of a past. Today, fortunes are won or lost on page rankings and search results. In the modern business environment, search engine optimization consulting is a necessity.

Coalition Technologies, an innovative and leading search engine optimization consulting firm, can help direct potential clients to your site, significantly increasing internet traffic and return on investment.  Often a company’s place in search rankings is the most influential determinant of its success or failure. You may have the best product on the market or the most competitive services, but that matters little if no one is finding you.

A Comprehensive, Multi-Step Approach

The world of online marketing evolves fast. Coalition Technologies evolves faster.

Our search engine optimization consulting strategies cover a wide and extensive scope that puts us above the competition. We conduct exhaustive research to find the search engine keywords that will place your site at the top, as well as those used by the competition. This guides the creation of your content and helps us create an architecture to your page that targets your potential customer base.

As a partner of Coalition Technologies, you receive the benefit our experience with link-building campaigns. The ability to collect quality links from other sources is paramount in climbing up the page rankings. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks of other companies that sell “cheap links” that ultimately get you penalized by Google or Bing. Coalition Technologies can grow your link base organically from genuine content.

SEO ConsultingThe emphasis on social media has exploded in recent years, both in personal life and in marketing. It has become an effective means to reach targeted customers and increase brand awareness. Coalition Technologies skillfully bridges the gap between SEO and social media marketing, granting its customers the opportunity for optimal presence on the web.

The Unparalleled Commitment of Coalition Technologies

It takes a lot of skill to be a good search engine optimization consulting agency. It takes a lot of heart to be a great one.

At Coalition Technologies, we approach our work with a level of creativity that can only be sustained by the passion we have to see our clients succeed.  Since we know that our success can only be as great as the people we serve, we are relentless in finding ways to improve your web presence and customer base.  From detailed research to thinking outside of the box when defining the industry’s best practice, we have confidence that the extra effort is evident in the results.

Coalition Technologies stands on a proven track record. With a 99% client satisfaction rate and 97% customer retention, as well as a portfolio full of clients that lead their respective industries, we’re not asking you to take our word that we’re the best search engine optimization consulting firm in the business. As it always is with SEO, the numbers speak for themselves.

Contact Coalition Technologies Today

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how we can build an online marketing strategy that leads to instant results. For more information visit our website or call 1-310-827-3890 to speak with a representative. Don’t miss out on the thousands of potential clients that aren’t reaching your site. Contact Coalition Technologies today!

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