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The SEO industry saw a cascade of changes in 2013: (not provided) searches from Google were ratcheted up, Google’s Penguin and Panda updates were further tweaked, and Google introduced its Hummingbird algorithm, among other important shifts. These changes signaled the end of an SEO era, and the beginning of a new paradigm in SEO. In 2014, SEO will see a shift away from direct keyword analysis and simple link-building towards rich content, visitor experience, local SEO, and quality marketing. This article will sketch out ways you can maximize your SEO efforts in 2014, including strengthening your local SEO with search engine optimization Los Angeles services.

Making the Shift to Local

What Hummingbird is trying to do is figure out what users actually want if they search. This also means, gathering from a person’s location, that they may be searching for a product or service in proximity to them. Google’s Hummingbird update integrates with the Venice update, which produces more localized organic results for unbranded keywords that don’t explicitly specify a location. So if a user is doing a search in Los Angeles for “Mexican food,” the results are more likely to bring up content from a Mexican food business operating in Los Angeles. This means that you should be targeting your content and website for local searches, based on where you operate, or multiple locations if you own a larger business. If your business happens to operate out of Los Angeles, this is where professional search engine optimization Los Angeles services can greatly help you strengthen your local efforts.

Make Sure Your Site is Geared for Mobile

Today, almost half of potential customers shopping for products and services have used their phones to search. This is a huge portion of traffic to capture, so you should be working at making your site mobile-friendly if it isn’t already is.

Providing a Quality User Experience

As we stated before, the central thrust of Google’s search updates is improving the quality of their users’ search experience and retrieving for the user what is going to be useful and relevant. You can still use correlative analytics and other tools to target certain keywords to bring in traffic, but more importantly you have to provide a quality experience for your visitors. Update your website and make sure it is well-organized with relevant links and nice visuals.

Also, make sure to generate rich content that people want to read, as opposed to mere collections of keywords that only the search engines would want to read. You can also build up citations if you want more coverage, such as listing your business on places like Google Maps and Yelp. Make sure everything you post is relevant and useful to the user.

Hire a Professional

For many business owners – who are after all busy running their businesses – these changes may seem a little overwhelming and disorienting. Search engine companies like Google aren’t going to stop innovating either; there are plenty of SEO changes to come as well. If you want to reliably stay ahead of the curve, consider enlisting professional search engine optimization Los Angeles services. At Coalition Technologies, we make it our mission to stay ahead in the SEO business and provide our clients with quality search engine optimization Los Angeles services. Our services run the gamut of SEO necessities for the new year: we can build you quality websites, generate rich content, optimize your online presence for usefulness and relevance, and maximize your local impact with our search engine optimization in Los Angeles. What are you waiting for? Call us at 1-888-594-4529 for your free quote.

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