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In 2013 (and some time before that), the SEO world saw sweeping changes. Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird update in 2013, keyword-based search algorithms shifted to natural language-based search. What this means is that a search engine like Google is no longer looking for strict keyword presence and linkage; the new algorithm tries to understand what the search user actually means when he or she types in a request based on location, intent, meaning, and other parameters, taken together with an evaluation of the quality and richness of the destination websites and content. Combined with Google’s move towards (not provided) keyword data, these changes require anentirely different SEO, which as you’ll see, are methods that will be familiar to traditional marketers. Read on for more information, especially if you need search engine optimization in Santa Monica for your business.

Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO methods grew out of the desire to appeal to search algorithms in a mechanical sense. If you wanted to be at the top of the search results you had to target specific keywords that statistically enjoyed the most use and embed those keywords in your content and website – while taking care to ensure at least decent readability and obey Google’s quality guidelines. Copious links were also a sure bet to appealing to algorithms, so long as you weren’t indulging in any explicitly black hat methods. After the recent updates to Google’s algorithms, however, all these traditional methods won’t work as well as they used to.

Back to the Future

The funny thing about these recent changes is that though they are pressuring the SEO industry to abandon traditional tactics, the necessary changes imply a return to a different kind of tradition all the same. In 2014, traditional marketing tactics are the future of SEO. SEO marketers need to generate rich, quality content, run compelling marketing campaigns that reach large social media audiences, and provide unique and pleasurable experiences to users that keep them coming back for more. Also important are search engine optimization Santa Monica services which can optimize your websites and content for local search, as Google’s algorithms are putting increased weight on regional searches.

Choose Coalition Technologies

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