Search Engine Optimization Agency in LA Turns Heads

A professional digital design and advertising agency located in Los Angeles, CA, Coalition Technologies is leading the search engine marketing field. Coalition’s efforts include constant analytical evaluation of the latest search engine algorithms to get the absolute best return on investment (ROI) for clients. We have proven time and time again that our efforts provide fantastic outcomes for our clients. Our greatest specialty is in Search Engine Optimization, which is any effort of a company, with the assistance of outside help or not, to improve “natural” or “organic” listings within any “free” search engine (with the eventual goal of ranking #1). Coalition’s services in search engine marketing range from conversion optimization to AdWords campaigns to content creation.

Our clients rave about our online marketing services. Take, for instance, Coalition Technologies’ shining SEO client, Swimspot. Because of our efforts towards Swimspot’s online marketing campaign, Swimspot.com currently ranks #1 nationally for its top keyword “women’s swimswear”.

Swimspot Screenshot

In one year, Coalition was able to raise Swimspot’s AdWords revenue from $22,000 to over $100K. That represents a 368% increase. This is what makes our digital marketing company Coalition Technologies the absolute best value.

Along with its high-level SEO department, Coalition also specializes in the best web design practices. Coalition Technologies is quickly on its way to becoming the leading web design agency in Los Angeles, designing and developing the best sites, on the most reliable platforms, for companies across the country.  The developers incorporate social media, SEO keyword integration, and internet marketing techniques within the actual site itself. Professionals at Coalition don’t use any black hat SEO methods to help businesses get ahead.

At Coalition, there is a difference between questions that matter and questions that don’t.

Questions that matter include:

  • Can search engines “crawl” your information easily and quickly?
  • Do your title tags, Meta tags, and URLs contain important keywords that will generate more viewers to your page?
  • Does your website have well-written and substantial content?

Having a CEO who headed up a major SEO department at a large corporation for years, who also ran campaigns for clients like Nike and Wal-Mart, shows that Coalition not only has the desire to improve their clients’ rankings, but it also has the knowledge and ability. Joel Gross, CEO of Coalition Technologies, recently trained several professionals at BigCommerce, a reliable platform developing company serving over 20,000 online stores.

Coalition’s SEO techniques, as well as its trained experts who put those proven techniques into practice, are completely changing the way large companies are thinking about interactive digital marketing. And according to Swimspot, they’re working.

View our portfolio. Then, contact us so we can begin on your online marketing campaign right away!

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