King of the Week at Coalition Technologies

Search Marketing wins King of the Week 3

Its not as exciting, we know, since we just posted one for last week, but we had to get caught up somehow.

At least, someone other then Coalition Technologies’ web designer Hiren won this week (May 8th through the 15th).

Can you guess who it was?

Online Marketing Consultant, Jordan Gross, points the way to profitable marketing campaigns
Our marketing efforts point the way to the promised land.

That’s right its me!

I technically don’t qualify since I’m not an employee, but the Committee for King of the Week determination decided that since I was literally sleeping in the offices this week, that I had earned special consideration for the the award. Thankfully, that consideration was enough for me to earn the win.

As you can tell from the photo, which truthfully was taken a few weeks ago, I do a lot of different things. I serve as a wise guide, a transporter of souls, and occasionally as a warrior with wings. If that doesn’t impress you, perhaps the fact that we continue to demonstrate high levels of web design, ecommerce conversion optimization, and search engine optimization results will.

I know that most of our clients are ecstatic about our methodologies and even more ecstatic with the results that we are able to contribute to their organizations. Being able to deliver a great looking website, with the latest in web development coding, and then being able to promote it to large numbers of new clients or customers means success for them and for us.

We’ve been able to generate this high level of results for the last several years throughout California, and are moving ‘back home’ to Washington state.

Be sure to congratulate me if you happen to see me! I’ll be in Los Angeles till next Monday evening and will be in Seattle by Tuesday!

Hopefully we’ll have the chance to work together, as I guide you and your business into the light.

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