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SEO Agency in Los Angeles Has Google Figured Out

Coalition Technologies is an interactive marketing company located in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in social media, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and website design and development.

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Google is trying to outsmart us, the professionals. They think that if we’re able to work the latest Google algorithm in our favor, there is probably something wrong. Google is definitely not the enemy. Its search engine is an excellent tool, and a very crucial gateway for your website to be seen. And if everyone knew the latest algorithm information, the search engine’s results wouldn’t be impartial. They wouldn’t be accurate, and no one would be able to trust them. Google is trying to keep every result important and relevant to each user’s query.

Therefore, there is no way to trick a powerful search engine like Google. Google must believe that you are genuine in everything from your Meta tags to your blog posts. Our goal for your website is to stay up to date on what Google is planning next so we can give you the leading edge over your competitors. Our SEO experts develop your success story by putting into practice extensive research, exhaustive analytics, and years of marketing and SEO experience.

Many clients trust us to take on the challenge of not just maintaining their site, but also optimizing it to perform at its absolute best. Our clients rave about our service. One such client is Nick from USDA Mortgage Group, who says, “This site has been the key that really made my business work. I’ve had to hire two additional brokers to handle all of the leads. Thank you so much!”

Screenshot of USDA has seen immense growth since its decision to hire Coalition Technologies to optimize its online presence. We ran their Google Adwords campaign, in addition to performing Google analytics, website design and maintenance, and social media outreach. After just a short amount of time with our digital agency, shows an eleven percent conversion rate of potential buyers into actual customers. The website generates anywhere from thirty to fifty leads per month, and about one-third of these leads close.

USDA Mortgage Group doesn’t just rank #1 for “USDA mortgage Washington” because we pulled some strings and made Google work in our favor. ranks well because Google has scoured the site many times and found this to be true: USDA Mortgage Group can be trusted. At Coalition Technologies, we use completely legal, white hat SEO techniques. We know that your business can only suffer if it is subjected to cheap, black hat SEO practice.

Overall, it is absolutely crucial that people (and Google, of course) believe in your website’s significance. Your presence at the top of a search engine results page assures viewers that you are not only relevant, but also important. Accordingly, if you are nowhere to be seen, you are perceived as neither relevant nor important. At Coalition, our SEO professionals are ready to begin work as soon as possible.

USDA Mortgage Group is just one of many clients that has benefited profitably from the work of Coalition Technologies. We’d love to show you more of our successful, SEO case studies. To talk with our team about your next project, contact us now.

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