SEO Beverly Hills | Old School vs. New School SEO

If you’re looking for SEO Beverly Hills services for your business, or you’re searching for tips on improving your SEO yourself, there’s something you should know about the SEO world: it haschanged dramatically in the last year. In 2013, Google unleashed its Hummingbird update, which combined with Google’s new dedication to secure search – think (not provided) data – is set to change the way that SEO is done.

Old School SEO

With the old SEO methods, professionals would concentrate primarily on optimizing sites and content for the search algorithms; the primary aim was to appeal to the algorithms and place as high as possible on the organic search results. Some professionals preferred to balance their efforts and keep the customer in mind when they created sites and content, both out of principle and out of respect for the fact that it’s simply good business. However, the SEO world was full of many more spammers who constantly looked for new ways to game the algorithms. Spammers packed content full of keywords and resorted to methods like link purchasing, regardless of whether those links were high quality or relevant.

Many of Google’s updates had to do with fighting these spammers so that they could improve their search results for their users. Both the Penguin and Panda updates had to do with penalizing link farms and link selling, and Hummingbird itself was partially an effort to shift algorithms away from simpler keyword-based procedures. So what does this mean for SEO Beverly Hills firms and other professionals?

New School SEO

New SEO methods mean new emphasis on a wealth of factors: rich, quality content that people want to read, consistent and authentic authorship, strong brands and reputations, wide circulation of content, relevant links, etc. Keywords, links, and other old indicators do still work to an extent, but now those things will have to be considered in combination with the other marketing methods just mentioned as a whole.

Your website should be organized to appeal to your visitors: can your visitors find what they are looking for fast? Is your website easy and enjoyable to navigate? Are your links relevant and informative? Content is also a great way to bring in traffic and appeal to search engines. Google is checking whether your content demonstrates quality. Are your visitors spending time reading? Do they return for more? Do they circulate content through social media?

Speaking of which, you should definitely leverage social media outlets to gain exposure for your products and services. Get a profile on Google+ and use it regularly.  Get your customers excited about your products and services so they sell it for you. Plus, all of this looks good to the updated search algorithms.

Finally, put out local listings and citations for your business, and set up landing pages that target local searches for your business. Our SEO Beverly Hills always makes sure to take these steps.

Hire a Professional

Let a professional SEO firm guide you through the new SEO landscape.Coalition Technologies is one of the top rated firms in the industry, and we have extensive experience marketing for businesses both large and small. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the dizzying changes in the SEO world; we do it for you. Our SEO Beverly Hills firm employs the latest methods in search engine optimization: we provide quality sites and content, a compelling user experience, intelligent marketing using both traditional avenues and social media, and much more. Give us a call at 1-888-594-4529 today.

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