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Looking for an SEO conference speaker in Los Angeles? Consider Joel Gross, the founder and CEO of the city’s leading SEO firm, Coalition Technologies. Coalition is consistently ranked # 1 on Google for “Los Angeles SEO,” and the company has worked with some of the nation’s leading organizations. Just check out the company portfolio and see what we mean. While other SEO companies are losing clients and struggling to stay afloat, Coalition Technologies continues to grow by leaps and bounds, because Joel’s passion for SEO—coupled with his unparalleled understanding of search engine algorithms—continues to reap massive rewards for clients across all major industries.


Joel Gross – Your SEO Conference Speaker in Los Angeles

A great conference speaker must embody a specific combination of traits. He or she must understand the subject matter with absolute clarity and be able to articulate some of the most complex characteristics of the subject in a way that intermediate enthusiasts will appreciate while novices can still understand. He or she must have the ability to speak in an engaging manner and connect with an audience in such a way that draws them in and leaves them wanting more. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than a boring conference speaker. People attend conferences to expand their knowledge while being entertained.

Joel Gross embodies all of these characteristics and more. Before founding Coalition Technologies, he spent years mastering his SEO craft on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, while constantly studying and testing the latest algorithm changes and SEO theories on his own successful eCommerce websites. He has been featured at major conferences throughout the nation, and has also shared his expertise with some of the nation’s leading news and technology platforms, including Bloomberg Businessweek, PC World and ABC News. When he is not discussing his insights on national radio programs and podcasts, he is consulting with business leaders who rely upon his expertise to improve their own bottom line.

Joel doesn’t just understand SEO. He is passionate about it. And when he reaches out to an audience, he projects that passion in a way that can be felt throughout the auditorium. Since he is accustomed to working closely with businesses that see SEO as an enigma, Joel understands how to communicate the fundamentals in ways to which anybody can relate. Let Joel electrify your next conference with his unique combination of expertise and engagement.


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If you need an SEO conference speaker in Los Angeles, and would like to learn more about how Joel Gross can take your conference to the next level, give us a call at Coalition Technologies. You can reach us at 1-310-827-3890, and you can speak with Joel personally. He can share with you his experiences, his vision and the full extent of his knowledge. You can also learn more about Coalition Technologies, the nationally renowned SEO company that Joel built from the ground up, and find out why this company is leaving the competition in the dust. You can learn a lot about an entrepreneur based on the progress of his enterprise, and the success of Coalition Technologies is raising the bar for SEO companies everywhere. Give us a call today, and find your ultimate SEO conference speaker in Los Angeles.

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