SEO in the Realm of Mobile Development

A good SEO company in Los Angeles keeps up to date with the emerging patterns and fields within the industry. SEO for mobile development is one of those emerging fields. Google has special rules for mobile SEO, and the medium is becoming more and more popular amongst internet consumers. It’s time to take notice and use strategies that help you reach your SEO goals in the realm of the mobile market.

The Importance of SEO for Mobile Development

SEO is a fundamental aspect of e-commerce, and mobile traffic is becoming more important for online sales. According to market studies, up to 15% of all internet traffic is through a mobile or tablet device, and up to 30% of traffic to online retailers comes from these sources as well. Some online retailers have reported that 50% of their sales come through mobile interactions.

Additionally, if a consumer is not using a mobile device to make an actual purchase, they are probably using it to research and analyze a product. Research surveys found that 90% of people use different devices, including mobile devices and tablets, to research a purchase before making it. These consumers need to have a good experience throughout the buying process in order for a company to make a sale.

Even outside the realm of sales, a SEO company in Los Angeles can optimize a site’s mobile features to meet other goals. Consumers read articles, make subscriptions, read ads and do other trackable activities on mobile devices as well. This makes them important for SEO in general.

How Google Ranks Mobile Websites

Google looks for similar things to rank mobile devices but includes some different measurements. Location, keyword, elements like h1 tags, sitemaps and logos are still big factors in Google’s ranking of a mobile site, but site speed and app integration are key to mobile rankings as well. Mobile sites should not take too long to load for user experience reasons as well, and some complicated graphics and videos may have to be adapted or removed by an SEO company in Los Angeles from a page in order to ensure that it loads fast for mobile devices.

There’s also a preference among the people in charge of Google’s ranking about how mobile development should be done. They prefer that webmasters use responsive web design (RWD) principles and create mobile websites under the same URL as the other sites. These principles use flexible media, CSS media queries and Javascript to optimize a site for mobile devices without changing the underlying HTML for the page. Server side programming and m-dot, where the site has a separate URL with m. in front of the address, are other ways to optimize a site for mobile, and while Google doesn’t penalize these formats, they are not in Google’s future plans.

Tips for Improving Mobile SEO

SEO companies in Los Angeles and other webmasters need to consider user experience first in optimizing for mobile devices. Large files and videos should not be a part of a mobile site. If they attempt keyword optimization for the site, shorter keywords should be chosen because these are the types of words mobile users type into search engines. A call button or the company’s phone number should be featured prominently on the page, and the page should have social media and app links as well. Mobile users tend to be more interested in interaction, apps and social media.

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