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If there’s anybody that can get the most out of SEO, it is the businesses competing for market share in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is home to the some of the largest, most successful technology companies in the world: Cisco, Apple, Adobe, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, eBay, and more…basically the who’s who of the tech world. When you are competing with giants like these, you need the best SEO services in the industry.Coalition Technologies, also known as a SEO Venice Beach and Los Angeles firm, serves business in Silicon Valley regularly. We work with both heavy hitters and start-ups in the region. Read on for more about our services.

Cutting Edge SEO

Coalition Technologies is one of the top rated SEO firms in the industry for a good reason. We hire top talent who employ only the most advanced and effective SEO techniques for our clients. Our SEO professionals follow the SEO industry very closely, responding to industry changes with updated techniques and tactics.

It’s a new year for SEO and from 2014 on, quality content and smart marketing are going to be key for organic search rankings. A unique, polished website, compelling original content, and effective marketing copy are necessary for providing a favorable user experience, which Google is increasingly attempting to target with its rankings. Google’s 2013 Hummingbird update set search in the direction of natural language, which means that Google’s search engine will now try to “understand” what its user wants when the user searches, thus providing the user with a good experience. Coalition Technologies has been dedicated to quality content and a positive user experience from its inception. Whether you are seeking SEO in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, or Silicon Valley, Coalition’s SEO campaigns can optimize for local and general searches.

SEO in Silicon Valley and More

As we said, competition in Silicon Valley is stiff, but there is also a lot of invested capital in the area and plenty of opportunities for companies large and small. If you’re a large company looking to expand market share or a small startup looking to get your foot in the door, SEO marketing is going to be your best friend.

Just consider the sheer amount of traffic going through Google’s search. Google retrieves a billion search results a day! With so many people using search engines to get their information – and search for products and services – you need to be on the top ten organic search results so you can get some of that traffic. Google’s recent algorithm changes also favor more local search listings, so if you are a business in Silicon Valley, you definitely want to strengthen your local listings and citations to catch some of that traffic as well. Coalition Technologies can flesh out your local search presence and improve your rankings. The same goes for SEO Venice Beach and Los Angeles services too.

Choose Coalition Technologies

Local search, rich content, and effective marketing are increasingly becoming crucial components to organic search rankings, and that’s on top of their usefulness for driving traffic and making conversions in the first place.Coalition Technologies specializes in all of those disciplines, and provides much more, while working closely with your business so that your message is consistent and relevant. Our SEO Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley services are guaranteed to give you a step up above the competition. Call us today at 1-888-840-3469 to get your free quote.

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