Shopify Competitors

Shopify Competitors Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform. It has a clean, intuitive interface that makes it incredibly quick and easy to build an online shop, even for those with limited technical knowledge. The program has plenty of nice-looking website templates and all of the tools you need to run an online store. Is Shopify the best eCommerce platform out there though? What about Shopify’s competitors? Let’s go over some of the major Shopify competitors and see how they stack up.


Volusion is a popular eCommerce platform that has been around for quite some time, and the company is constantly updating and improving it. Volusion has a few advantages over Shopify. First, Volusion has a similar set of features as Shopify at a similar monthly cost. However, Volusion does not charge a transaction fee while Shopify does, which can add up pretty fast. On the other hand, Volusion does have more expensive paid templates than Shopify. In the end, Shopify’s interface is much cleaner and more intuitive than Volusion’s, and it is easier to build a site with Shopify, whose available templates look better than Volusion’s. Also, Volusion’s customer service is notoriously bad, so all in all this seems to be a weaker platform.


Magento is a powerful, highly customizable platform whose benefits appeal to a more limited group of professional designers and programmers. The company released a version called “Magento Go” that is meant to compete directly with top platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, but this program just doesn’t cut it with its limited template and customization options. Those who want to get the most out of Magento go with the Community and Enterprise editions. The Community Edition of Magento is actually free, but you get no support; unless you know what you are doing, it is easy to get lost in the incredibly complex program. Enterprise edition features more support but is pricier too. Magento is probably the most customizable platform of the Shopify competitors; Magento is capable of creating a far more unique and sophisticated online store than Shopify. However, in order to be able to really dig into the program, you have to have a sizable body of technical knowledge, perhaps an intermediate to advanced understanding of HTML/CSS/PHP. Beginners should stay away from Magento, but for professionals who know the program well, it can be a powerful tool.


Like Shopify, BigCommerce features an intuitive interface that makes quick and easy crafting of online stores a snap. Unlike Shopify and Shopify competitors, however, BigCommerce has a far superior array of customization options and extra features. BigCommerce is definitely the best eCommerce platform in the market. It is great for beginners since you can craft a great-looking site really quickly without too much technical knowhow. However, if your online store needs to grow, you can delve deeper into the customization options and really craft something special. BigCommerce is full of great tools and features like SEO tools, marketing tools, payment processing, international shipping, inventory management, and much more.

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