Shopify Product Reviews is Being Sunsetted

Shopify Product Reviews is Being Sunsetted

It has recently been announced that on May 6, 2024, the Product Reviews app will be removed from Shopify. As a result, users will no longer be able to install the app, access existing product reviews, or display the reviews on their store. 

If you are one of the many ecommerce merchants who rely on the Product Reviews app to engage with your customers and stimulate sales, don’t worry! There are many other great product review apps for you to migrate over to.

Some companies, such as Okendo,, and, are offering special promotions for merchants looking to migrate their reviews over. Check out their promotions below:
Essentials = $19 /mo
Growth = $119 / mo
Power = $299 / mo
Advanced = $499 / mo
Basic = $19 / mo
Premium = $49 / mo
Business = $119
Professional = $249 / mo
Growth = $90  /mo
Professional = $159 / mo


Here are some thoughts and reviews about each of the above apps!

This app is known for its user-friendly interface, customizable widgets, and targeted review requests. Many merchants praise its seamless integration with Shopify and its ability to collect a large number of reviews, enhancing customer trust and boosting sales. The responsive customer support team, custom survey capabilities, and Klaviyo integration are also highlights that lead to a great user experience. Continuous development and adaptability to digital trends, along with its value for cost, make it a favorite among merchants. 

A customer review from


Okendo is another user-friendly app that is easy to set up and it boasts robust review management features. Merchants can customize review request emails and they have access to insightful analytics. The app’s responsive and knowledgeable customer support is also another great benefit for merchants. Additional features such as a referral system, free vouchers for reviewers, and the ability to add review titles, images, and videos are particularly beneficial for users.

Customer review from Okendo takes pride in its seamless review collection and integration capabilities. Merchants value the app’s customization options and automatic review request feature.’s customer support team is noted for their efficiency and willingness to assist with code adjustments. Above all, this app is considered a valuable asset due to its affordability and the value it provides.

Customer review from

Reach out to the experts at Coalition Technologies if you require any assistance transferring old reviews or enhancing new experiences. Let our skilled Shopify web design and development team guide you on what user-generated content solution works best for your ecommerce shop.

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