Shopify’s Fundamental Advantages as an Ecommerce Software

Shopify’s Fundamental Advantages as an Ecommerce Software

Been wondering how Shopify leapt to the forefront of ecommerce shopping cart software?

Trying to figure out what makes the platform so special? Want to know if it’s the right shopping cart software for you?

Watch our short video which highlights the fundamental reasons why Shopify is an advantageous selection for many ecommerce businesses and websites:

Shopify has been dominating the ecommerce shopping cart market for the last few years and that dominance really comes back to a few simple advantages. Those advantages shine when you examine how it approached developing the core platform and new products.

Because Shopify has long been focused on small businesses, Shopify has recognized that simplicity is crucial to its adoption by its customers.

Most small businesses and micro-merchants are learning a whole new language and technology that is fraught with headaches, frustrations, and expensive missteps.

If Shopify layered in too much complexity, it would be dissuading merchants from using its platform and full product suite.

So Shopify has remained very focused on (a) ensuring that its platform is very simple to use, even if it means it struggles to handle more complexity and (b) investing in products that are not only profitable for Shopify but also reduce the headaches that merchants experience when trying to ‘do ecommerce’.

By reducing the number of choices a merchant has to make when they move into ecommerce from a day job, or when they move into ecommerce from a traditional retail boutique, Shopify offers a compelling onboarding experience and growth experience that many find positive.

That also is an appealing approach when you’re managing a larger team inside of an enterprise brand. Training and onboarding to new systems and softwares for new hires is a huge cost for many large organizations and Shopify’s simplicity focus reduces that.

If you’re considering Shopify as a large, complex business or as a smaller startup, chat with Coalition to get more details on how the platform may or may not work for you!

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