Smooth Skating with Asphalt

Smooth Skating with Asphalt

Fashion is always looking for the next big star, and Asphalt is the rising talent that will voice the next generation of men’s streetwear. From the mind of skateboarding legend, Stevie Williams, Asphalt offers a collection that is designed to celebrate the diversity, individuality, and authenticity inherent in skate culture.

The Voice of a Generation

Asphalt was founded in 2013 with a focus on men’s skatewear and fashion. Made to echo the energy of the skatepark, Asphalt apparel is driven by the idea that everything is earned. With seasonal collections that feature tops, hoodies, headwear, and accessories inspired by pros and amateurs alike. A collaborative project from Stevie Williams, Riley Hawk, Cole Wilson, Derrick Wilson, and Stephen Lawyer, Asphalt strives to speak to the power of the street art that surrounds the skate parks and urban scenes of America.

Boardsliding to Bigger Sales

As a brand that’s looking to grow and evolve, Asphalt came to Coalition Technologies with two goals: expanding their brand base and increasing sales. Through an in-depth site analysis, Coalition discovered that Asphalt’s branding had already created a powerful cult following, but they could step up their game with optimized content and PPC marketing.

With better keywords, targeted content, and outreach to influencers in the skating and fashion communities, Coalition Technologies can see a new market and major growth in Asphalt’s future through SEO and onsite copy. We also plan to create powerful link building and outreach strategies that will drive even more traffic to the site, increase its visibility online, and result in conversions.

Targeting the right search terms and running multiple PPC campaigns will keep Asphalt at the top of advertisements on search results pages. Our plans include creating custom Shopping, Search, and Display Network ads that rank first among all other ads with a focus on remarketing to people who have already visited the site at least once.

Halfway Through Halfpipe

While we’ve only implemented SEO copy for a few of the pages, Asphalt has already seen some increase in organic traffic. In fact, the pages where we have applied the majority of optimized copy have experienced between 100% and 200% more traffic than before. Once we add SEO content to all the core pages of the Asphalt site, we expect even more traffic that will eventually lead to sales and conversions.

If you’re interested in increasing traffic and revenue, or redesigning your online marketing campaigns, reach out to Coalition Technologies today and learn what we can do for you. Contact our team online, by phone at (310) 907-7823, or by email at

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