Solstice Coop Partners with Coalition Technologies

Medical cannabis is a hotly debated issue, and more and more states are loosening their marijuana restrictions to allow for medical use. Washington State has permitted medical cannabis use since 1998, and one group is working to defend the interests of medical cannabis patients throughout the state. That group is Solstice Coop.

Solstice was developed for the purpose of working with lawmakers and legislators to understand how medical cannabis laws can best be used to serve the patients of Washington State. According to the company’s website, “…we believe that the best businesses are the ones that are the most sustainable, and sustainability only comes when you put people before profits.”

You can use the site to learn about recent state ordinances pertaining to medical cannabis, educate yourself on medical cannabis issues, and gain access to additional web resources. You can even sign up for membership and become more actively involved in the company’s initiatives.

Soltice reached out to Coalition Technologies to help them develop their website and shopping cart. We recommended 3dCart for their shopping cart needs, largely because their niche market conflicts with the terms of service of other platforms like Magento and BigCommerce.

Soltice was open to using the 3dCart platform, so we helped them to set up their e-commerce store, and we fully oversaw the design and development of their website. Soltice Coop is now actively making a difference for the medical cannabis industry in Washington State. Though they do not sell products at the present time, they are now ready to begin accommodating retail customers if and when they decide to do so.

To learn more about Solstice, check out their website at SolsticeCoop.com.

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