Testing the Waters with Electro Rent

Testing the Waters with Electro Rent

Electro Rent is a company that leases, rents, and sells new and used electrical test equipment. For 50 years, they’ve offered customers alternative ways to access testing and measurement equipment through a global network of associates and partners. With award-winning local support and rapid delivery services, Electro Rent has built a dedicated customer base.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Although it’s a niche industry, there is still a massive amount of competition in the T&M trade. Electro Rent has managed to stay ahead of their competition with a number of customer service based tactics, including providing each customer dedicated account managers and field engineers to help them select the best equipment and acquisition options, the most experienced internal technical sales staff for quick turnaround on configuration inquiries and RFQs, and a simple ordering process with rapid delivery from an extensive inventory.

Electro Rent ensures a comprehensive range of equipment from the leading suppliers in the market and they maintain high-quality performance with their ISO 9000 and ANSI-accredited calibration laboratory.

Why Electro Rent Came to Coalition Technologies

Electro Rent initially partnered with Coalition Technologies to create well designed email marketing campaigns with conversion oriented landing pages and banners. They were so happy with our design work that they decided to pursue our SEO marketing strategies.

The new designs from the Coalition Technologies team greatly improved the visual appeal of the Electro Rent site, as well as usability and navigation. Due to our efforts, there was an improvement in the organic traffic to the Electro Rent site and they saw an increase of 326% in lead generation.

Facing Down Challenges

While Coalition Technologies helped improve Electro Rent’s rankings and traffic, there were many challenges to be faced. The Electro Rent website was outdated, running on a custom pseudo-CMS against a highly competitive industry.

Electro Rent was also bought out by a private equity firm called Platinum Equity, and then just a few months later, bought out one of its primary competitors, Microlease. These buyouts create an interesting dilemma from an SEO perspective and make it harder to integrate appropriate information into Electro Rent’s optimization strategies.

Strategies for the Future

While the current improvements in both SEO and web development have made an impact on Electro Rent’s business, Coalition Technologies has a long term strategy that incorporates the integration of Microlease from an SEO standpoint. With the implementation of SEO, we expect to see even more improvement in Electro Rent’s organic traffic and revenue.

If you’re interested in improving organic traffic, SEO, or web design for your business, reach out to Coalition Technologies today at (310) 907-7823, or send an email to sales@coalitiontechnologies.com.

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