The Ashley Madison Leak How to Protect Your Reputation

The Ashley Madison Leak | How to Protect Your Reputation

ashley madison siteThe recent Ashley Madison leak is dominating news headlines, and some in the public eye are already facing intense scrutiny as a result. Perhaps you’re concerned about what the leak might ultimately mean for your own personal or professional reputation. It’s true that if information from the leak begins populating search engine results pages, it can certainly have a negative impact on you and your business. But at Coalition Technologies, we specialize in professional reputation management services designed to mitigate unwanted search engine exposure and keep your reputation intact.

Am I at Risk?

Here is what we know so far. In July, a team of hackers known as the Impact Group announced that they had breached the security of extramarital dating site Ashley Madison and gained access to the data of millions of users. This data includes names, photos, profile information, and even credit card information. In August, the hackers released the information of more than 37 million Ashley Madison users to the Dark Web — which refers to online networks beyond the reach of conventional search engines, accessible only using specialized browsers.

Since the information has gone public, a number of websites have emerged, which allow anyone to search and discover whether their own loved ones, friends, or business associates had an Ashley Madison profile included in the leak. Ashley Madison’s legal team has been tirelessly issuing takedown requests to remove these sites, but new ones are popping up faster than Google can address them, and once the information is public, there’s no turning back.

If you fear that your own information may be exposed as a result of the leak, or if you already know for sure, the time to take action is now. You can preserve and protect your online reputation, but the sooner you become proactive, the easier it will be to circumvent any potential harm. Online reputation management services are the most effective means of securing or restoring your reputation, because they work to ensure that the most favorable web pages appear most prominently in SERPs, thereby pushing the negative publicity down the list and into obscurity. .

How Does Reputation Management Work?

There are many facets to online reputation management, but here are some of the most important:

  • control your online reputationBuilding authority to existing content. Search engines use a number of important variables to decide which pages carry the greatest importance when someone searches your name. A skilled reputation manager can apply these variables to carefully selected pages — like your business website, social profiles, and any positive news mentions, thereby pushing them up the search engine rankings and drowning out the negative chatter.
  • Creating new content that casts you in a positive light. Once the new content is created, your reputation manager bolsters it with authority-building measures (which include high-quality link building, strategic social sharing, user engagement, careful keyword implementation, and much more).
  • Public relations. A skilled reputation manager understands more than just your technical needs. In certain situations, it may be necessary to skillfully address the controversy in a way that reassures your followers and preserves your integrity.

Coalition Technologies Can Help

Coalition Technologies has been expertly preserving and restoring reputations for more than 6 years, and we are the most trusted and sought-after reputation management firm in Los Angeles. If you’re concerned that the Ashley Madison leak is jeopardizing your good name, contact us today at (310) 827-3890 for a free consultation, and take back your reputation.

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