The Collapse of BlueGlass SEO, and a Lifeline for its Clients

blueglass collapseBlueGlass bills itself as a “fundamentally different kind of digital marketing agency,” but recent events have demonstrated that the company may be far more skilled at marketing itself than its actual clients. For those unaware, BlueGlass is facing a crisis of sorts, and its future still hangs very much in the balance.

Widespread speculation about the stability of BlueGlass began a few weeks ago, when former company executive Greg Boser created a Facebook community called What Happened to BlueGlass. The group was established in order to discuss and vent about recently “complications” within the business. For instance, despite having the appearance of unparalleled success and profitability, BlueGlass is believed to be deeply in debt, with no solution in sight.

On the Verge of Collapse

A recent Facebook post from Boser further revealed that BlueGlass USA may be on the verge of bankruptcy, and that the executive team is currently unable to reach any sort of agreement on how the mounting problems should be addressed. This lack of solidarity is further endangering the company and all but sealing its inevitable fate.

Based on commentary from those involved, including Boser and CMO Chris Winfield, it appears that things aren’t just “looking bad.” The atmosphere at BG has become downright toxic, with some executives threatening legal action against others, and some fighting for absolute control. Sadly, it’s the employees—many of whom have already become casualties—and the clients who must suffer as a result.

While the future of BG hasn’t officially been determined, the writing is on the wall, and clients are already feeling the sting. Has your company suffered as a result of the BlueGlass collapse? If so, it’s time to take your business elsewhere. At Coalition Technologies, our close-knit team works together every day for the benefit of our clients, and our expertise spans the full spectrum of SEO, marketing, development and design.

Coalition Technologies is Different

If you’re tired of enduring lackluster results as your marketing company slowly implodes, you deserve better. Coalition is different, because our team dynamic is the core of our business. We function as a family, and we work as one unified body in the pursuit of the same goals. Most importantly, we have the experience, the manpower, the expertise, and the successful track record that your business needs to thrive.

Just take a look at our portfolio. We work with some of the most successful businesses in the world, and we deliver real results. Give us a call today at 1-310-827-3890 to receive a free quote and learn exactly what Coalition Technologies can do for you.

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