The Happy Movie Teams with Coalition Technologies

What is the formula for happiness? The Happy Movie explores this very question, as a small film crew crosses the globe talking to people from all walks of life. Learn why America is ranked only the 23rd happiest nation in the world, and see what you can do to improve your own happiness and even the happiness of those around you.

This powerful and eye-opening documentary is now available on DVD, but the filmmakers were faced with some serious challenges when first attempting to release it. That’s why they reached out to Coalition Technologies, and we were extremely “happy” to help these eager documentarians in their quest to spread their message of happiness to the world.

The company behind The Happy Movie originally contacted Coalition back in March of 2012. They needed immediate help with their website and e-commerce store after a previous WordPress developer had drastically let them down with an ineffective development. We listened to their needs and began working with them on a new site, completely rebuilt from the ground up.

First, we recommended that the client switch to a new e-commerce platform, BigCommerce, which could easily accommodate their needs. The client agreed, and so we went to work building a new store with custom shipping rates based on North American locations. BigCommerce was much easier to use than the WordPress e-commerce plug-in with which they had worked previously.

Our efforts were certainly met with challenges along the way, particularly when it came to the web hosting. The client’s GoDaddy hosting was prone to constant crashing, and the lack of service response was hindering customers’ ability to make purchases. In order to remedy the situation, we provided support and helped redirect traffic flow to the e-commerce server, where customers could make purchases without interruption.

Following the launch of the site, we continued to assist the company with ongoing service and marketing work. The filmmakers were very satisfied with the work we performed for them, and we are extremely pleased to see The Happy Movie achieving such great success.

To check out the film for yourself, and to see why celebrities like Ellen Degeneres can’t stop raving about it, visit thehappymovie.com.

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