The Power of Emotion in Web Design

On the internet, business is all about standing out and being noticed. For any business, it’s important that your web presence is worthwhile and deserving of continued discussion. That’s why it’s beneficial to consult with a web design Los Angeles firm.

To put it simply, we all want an audience to engage in an ongoing relationship with us. Page views, retweets, newsletter subscriptions and product purchases all result from these relationships. To achieve ones that will be long-lasting and valuable, we need to emotionally connect with our audience through web design in Los Angeles.

Audiences and brand stakeholders have become increasingly accustomed to exceptionally designed online experiences. These audiences reward visually appealing web spaces by engaging with their site and potentially buying in, whether it be through purchasing a product or signing up for a paid service.

In the same light, these audiences recognize visually lacking websites and web pages, and they’ll abandon a poorly designed site in no time at all.

Elements of Emotional Design

There are a few important elements of emotional design. They are:

  • Clarity. Plain and simple, emotional design contains calls to action that logically lead to next steps. Landing pages easily make sense, and main pages cut to the chase.

  • Being memorable. Emotional design is unique and memorable to the mind of the visitor.

  • Visual appeal. Designs that evoke emotion look professionally created and are consistent throughout. Web design in Los Angeles firms can craft a custom, creative aesthetic for your website.

As time goes on, more and more companies are focusing on developing a personality and a story for their website and the products marketed on that website. A website with a personality will evoke an emotional reaction from a visitor. We’re not talking about communicating as if you’re a religious charity, we’re talking about building emotion into your web content.

The message here? Emotion is key.

Effective emotional design comes from the emotion of human beings. It doesn’t come from an analytical program or an SEO robot. Likewise, emotional design can come from a team of marketers, but it can also come from a single entrepreneur (perhaps it’s you!).

Advertisers and marketers have applied emotion to products to sell them and build trust from the consumers that purchase them.

Think of the best commercial you’ve ever seen. Did it just try to sell you a product? Or did it evoke emotion within you and sell you a feeling? Solid emotional design in the world of web design in Los Angeles puts the audience first, before the company and the goals of the company. Before analyzing how the end goals will play out, solid emotional design asks the question, “How will this better serve our audience?”

In addition to putting the audience first, effective emotional design focuses on simplicity of content. Instead of offering a bunch of different choices for website visitors, effective emotional design offers a key few, leading visitors to make an emotionally driven decision such as to sign up for a paid service.

Emotional design can certainly be a valuable thing to consider for your brand, no matter what you’re in business for. Coalition Technologies can build you the best web design Los Angeles has to offer.

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