The Power of Infographics and Content Marketing

In today’s SEO and marketing world, content marketing is essential. Search engines are paying increasing attention to the quality of content and whether people are sticking around, reading, and sharing it. Infographics have become a popular way to deliver content, due to their effectiveness at conveying information and grabbing the attention of the reader. Read on for more info about content marketing and Coalition Technologies’ infographics in Venice Beach services.


Fun Infographics

There are different types of things you can do with infographics. One way is to reach out to your target demographic and supply them with interesting information, or you can draw people in with a humorous visual that appeals to their lifestyle. For example, here is a clever infographic that was put out by Dell:

dell info - infographics venice beach.jpg


This infographic doesn’t necessarily tell the reader anything particularly important or urgent, but the graphic is fun and entertaining. People are likely to share the graphic with their friends, and that means more people paying attention to the things that Dell has to say. It is a subtle way to market, and it works. Coalition Technologies offers infographic design services. Our infographics in Venice Beach can give you a compelling marketing message or a humorous graphic to share with your customers.


Useful Infographics

Thanks to the rapid proliferation of information on the Internet, there is a lot of useful data available to help persuade an audience or help readers learn something.


The great thing about infographics is that you can present large amounts of information in a clear, compelling manner. The brain processes visual information much easier, so using graphics and data organization can help attract readers and keep them. Here is an example of the type of infographic we could produce for our clients:

coalition info - infographics venice beach.jpg


Professional Infographics Designers

There are a lot of advantages to putting out an infographic as part of your content marketing strategy. Infographics are a great way to attract readers and grab their attention fast. This really helps with SEO too, since people will share and link to the infographic.

Coalition Technologies can sit down with your business and make an infographic that speaks to your target demographic. Need an interesting way to present information to your readers? Or do you want to reach out to your audience with a fun graphic? Ask us about our infographics in Venice Beach. Give us a call at 1-888-993-7639 and get a free quote.


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