Threads for Brands and Marketers 101

Threads for Brands & Marketers 101

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Is your inbox full of people asking “What’s our Threads strategy?” this morning?

It’s not a bad question-

  • 2M users in the first 2 hours
  • 5M users in the first 4 hours
  • 30M+ users in the first day!

So what should brands do in the face of yet another Zuckerberg juggernaut? 

It’s important to keep in mind that Threads was created as a Twitter alternative, so using Threads will be a lot like using Twitter — being on the app constantly participating in and starting conversations. This is not alt-Instagram. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Instagram and Threads are directly connected, so if you have an Instagram account, you can claim your username and auto-follow anyone you follow on Instagram. Even though these accounts are directly linked, you’ll still need to download the Threads app.
  • Posts are called “threads,” which is very similar to any other post that can include a photo or video. But threads can be, well, threaded like in Twitter. Just hit the “return” button three times to get to the next thread in the thread. Confused yet?
  • At the moment, there is ONLY an algorithmic “discovery” or “for you” feed. There is no feed showing you only the people you follow in chronological order. There is also no DM inbox and no hashtags.
comparison of Threads vs Twitter

Source: BBC

Where to Get Started

It’s so easy to create a Threads account from an Instagram account that the platform will likely continue to grow sign-ups exponentially. The jury remains out on whether people will use Threads going forward.

Here’s what you do:

  • Claim your username
  • Set up your profile with a good profile photo and bio
  • Add a relevant URL
  • Post an intro thread so that your account isn’t empty
  • Follow relevant people, get to know the new app and help create the Threads culture
  • Participate in relevant conversations
  • Look for patterns about what seems to “work” on the platform and what falls flat

Some New Posts for a New Platform

Not sure what to post? You’re in good company. Getting involved with a new social media platform when it first launches is an exciting time! Everyone is learning how to navigate the space. Here are some suggestions on what to post if you’re not sure where to start:

  • Post reality. Say you’re trying this out and admit you’re just as new as everyone else is to this platform.
  • Memes
  • Behind the scenes
  • Company news
  • Carousels (multiple image posts) work really well on this platform (it is an Instagram product after all)

What’s the Goal of Being A Part of Threads?

Threads, like other social media platforms, is all about maximizing the reach of your brand. It also provides a place where you can engage with your target audience and establish more of a brand identity. It also builds client relationships and trust, which impacts follower growth and even retention.

In the end, it’s too early to really know what Threads will be, but by participating early, your brand can be part of what it becomes. Contact Coalition Technologies for a free action plan on how to help your business grow on this exciting, new platform.

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