Tips from a Los Angeles Logo Designer

A solid logo design quite honestly has the power to skyrocket your business (yes, it’s that important), but few people really take the time—or make the investment—to establish a great logo. Many people simply underestimate the importance of logo design, and others still are unaware of how to make the best impression with colors, designs and fonts. When it comes to your logo, you could hire a Los Angeles logo designer like the experts at Coalition Technologies, or you could attempt to get the job done yourself. If you do decide to pursue the self-reliant route, there are a few general rules and considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Better Logos

  1. Know your audience. I can’t stress this enough, because it’s the number one key issue that people commonly overlook. Your logo has the power to make an emotional connection with your audience, but only if you take the time to learn about your audience and tailor your logo accordingly. What are your customers looking for? What motivates them? I don’t mean in a materialistic sense, but on a deeper level. For instance, when someone shops at a cosmetics counter, they’re not investing in mascara. They’re investing in their beauty and self-confidence.
  2. Design several different mockups, and save them all. If you want to find the best logo, you’re going to have to do some process of elimination. That means to explore your possibilities from multiple angles, seek out the opinions of people in your target market, make any necessary revisions, and discover what works best. The more possibilities you create, the easier it will be to find the perfect solution for your business.
  3. Stick with simple typefaces. If you go with flashy or trendy fonts, not only will they place extra strain on the eyes, but your logo may become dated very quickly. Think of major companies like Gap, Microsoft and Google. They have always used simple lettering to convey a powerful brand (Google Doodles notwithstanding). Remember that less is more.
  4. Incorporate a simple image with universal appeal. Think of the iconic Nike swoosh, the fluttering Twitter bird, or the unmistakable Apple. Simple touches like these will allow you to display and identify your brand in powerful ways, across endless platforms without the use of a word. The potential for long-term branding recognition is enormous.
  5. Make sure to emphasize versatility. The more flexible your logo, the better. It should work against square as well as rectangular layouts, light as well as dark backgrounds, Web pages as well as company letterhead.

Coalition Technologies – Your Los Angeles Logo Designer

If you have a vision in mind but are looking for the ideal Los Angeles logo designer to help you realize that vision, contact Coalition Technologies. Our designers are among the most sought after in the industry, and we don’t simply generate attractive designs. We use our full arsenal of market research and branding expertise to create the kinds of custom logos that make a truly powerful impression. Call us for a free quote at 1-310-827-3890, and let’s discuss how we can develop your brand in ways you never imagined.

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