Top Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022

Top Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022

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Worldwide, audiences are online as 59% of the world’s population is present on social media platforms. An effective social media approach enables businesses to effectively reach their audiences where they spend their time. A recent survey found that 58% of consumers visit a social profile before visiting a website. As a result, businesses large and small have shifted their focus to creating and enacting social media strategies. However, it’s not enough just to have a presence on a social media platform. Businesses need to know how to utilize each social media platform properly: from understanding what kinds of content will personally connect with their target audiences to tracking and analyzing social media efforts. 

Thoroughly making use of social media platforms is a substantial part of a marketing strategy. In addition to reaching audiences, having an effective social media presence can help businesses improve SEO, drive website traffic, increase ROI, and build meaningful relationships with consumers. Social media marketing tools are extremely helpful in optimizing social media efforts. Many different tools exist online today, so it can be challenging to determine which is best for a particular business. Coalition Technologies has compiled a list of the best social media tools available in 2022. These social media tools for marketing help with social media content creation, dissemination, and management. Read on to find out which tools might work best for your business!

1. Agorapulse 

agorapulse social media inbox

One of our top social media marketing tools for 2022 is Agorapulse. Agorapulse is an extensive, user-friendly social media management tool built for managing and optimizing social media for outstanding results, including increasing web traffic and revenue. The platform has a variety of available features, including a flexible scheduling tool for posts, an inbox for monitoring replies and mentions, and a reporting tool for social media analytics. It also contains a feature to build a CRM database of social media users to track, which helps build meaningful relationships with consumers.

 Agorapulse is currently available on major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This all-in-one management tool offers a 15-day free trial, a free plan, and three tiered plans based on an organization’s needs and social profiles.

2. Hootsuite

Another of our top social media tools for marketing is Hootsuite. It is an all-in-one social media management platform. Hootsuite is one of the best tools for social media tracking and analytics. With this social media marketing tool, businesses can schedule posts across numerous social media sites, measure performance against key performance indicators (KPIs), and analyze trends and audience engagement in real-time. These factors are essential to make sure that marketing campaigns are effective at targeting and resonating with audiences. With Hootsuite, you can ensure that you connect with the right people, at the right time.

Hootsuite currently supports all major social media platforms, including Meta/Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Hootsuite has also partnered with TikTok as part of TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program. This enables marketers to manage and optimize content for their TikTok accounts directly through Hootsuite to better understand and reach audiences. In addition to the free plan offered by this social media marketing tool, Hootsuite has a 30-day trial and tiered professional plans depending on a business’s size and needs. However, not every plan comes with all of the available features. 

3. Buffer

Much like Agorapulse and Hootsuite, Buffer is another effective social media marketing tool. This user-friendly platform offers content scheduling, real-time analytics, integration with Google Analytics, and optimization tools for hashtags, tags, and mentions on social media. It also has a feature that enables users to compare different content across platforms to learn which types of content work best for each of their social media platforms. This feature is based on an understanding that what works for one platform may not work for another. It is critical to know the kinds of social media creative practices that resonate with audiences on each platform to make the most out of them. 

Buffer is one of the best social media tools for small businesses that want an effective social media management tool at a lower price point. Buffer offers a free plan, a 14-day free trial, and tiered plans starting at just $5 per month. Plans vary depending on the desired features, users, and number of social media accounts being managed. Buffer currently works with major platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. With this tool, users have the option to use their browser extension or their mobile app for social media on the go.

4. Studio by Sticker Mule

diagram of studio features

Visuals are an essential part of successful social media. Social media marketing tools can help with the visual aspect of social media for a comprehensive presence. Studio is a free graphic design tool offered by Sticker Mule. With this tool, organizations can create professional-quality visuals at a reasonable price. Effective images will help capture the attention of audiences, create connections, generate visibility, and drive leads. Visuals can improve learning by up to 400% and are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Images are needed to help audiences understand both the message and the brand behind the message. 

Studio by Sticker Mule is one of the most valuable social media tools for marketing. This is because it enables users to employ a myriad of editing techniques, including removing unwanted backgrounds, upscaling images, and other image edits. They have customizable templates to help organizations design logos, business cards, stickers, and more for design online and offline. Available templates include those for Instagram stories and posts, Facebook covers and posts, and YouTube thumbnails. With this up-and-coming graphic design tool, you can easily create designs from scratch that can be exported and used on social media platforms. 

5. Sprout Social

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Image: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is your all-in-one social media management platform. It is one of the best social media tools available to schedule social media posts in advance, manage all social interactions, and easily track growth, impressions, and engagement. This is all done with a convenient, user-friendly dashboard. It contains analytics within the software, with the ability to sort demographics and geographics to see which content resonates best with which social media audiences. Their ViralPost® feature even ensures that content is posted when followers are most likely to engage. Sprout Social supports all major social media platforms and has a mobile app available for iOS and Android. 

After their 30-day free trial, there are tiered plans to choose from. Much like other social media marketing tools, the right plan for you depends on the number of accounts being managed, the number of users, and the features you want to make use of from the tool. 

6. Loomly

Next up on our top social media marketing tools list is Loomly. Loomly is a cloud-based tool that’s great for large team collaboration. A brand success platform, Loomly’s system has features that include audience targeting, interaction tracking, automated publishing, and advanced analytics. As a special bonus, they also have real-time post optimization to make sure you’re effectively resonating with your audience and they offer suggestions for relevant, valuable hashtags. 

Loomly is another one of the user-friendly, all-in-one social media tools for marketing built for brand success. In addition to the management of social media content, Loomly enables better collaboration with integrated notifications from email systems, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. The tool is available for integration on all of the major social media platforms and has a mobile app for iOS and Android. After their 15-day free trial, Loomly has five tiered plans to choose from.

7. Biteable

biteable ad maker templates

Like quality images, videos are a vital part of the visual content that resonates with audiences on social media. Over 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook by over half a billion people each day. The importance of video should not be discounted on social media. Biteable is a great social media marketing tool that can be used to improve short video content on social media. The easy-to-use design tool helps create video content using animations, text, stock photos, text, and more. Biteable enables users to create any kind of video, including content such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and animations.

With this option within the list of most valuable social media tools for marketing, users can choose from a selection of scenes and templates to make a story or animations from scratch. The scenes you choose within Biteable can be your own animations, your own photos, or clips from Biteable directly. Video content can all be created individually or collaboratively with Biteable Teams. Biteable has a free version and premium options available, though only the premium options include higher video resolution, commercial usage rights, and analytics.  

8. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is one of the top social media tools for marketing. It has affordable plans available for small teams, studios, and agencies. Social Pilot offers users a platform to publish and schedule up to 500 social media posts (including images) and manage social media analytics. It also comes with a social inbox to monitor comments, mentions, and replies. 

A great feature that SocialPilot offers that makes it one of the best social media tools is its content suggestions/recommendations feature. Social Pilot will offer recommendations for content to post based on industry and desired keywords. It’s a valuable feature to aid in the curation of relevant content for audiences and improving SEO. Social Pilot is available via web, mobile app, and browser extensions and allows for integration with all of the major social media platforms.

9. Zoho Social 

Zoho insights and analytics feature

Zoho Social is an all-in-one tool for social media marketing. Zoho offers CRM for social media accounts, email marketing, projects, accounting, and webinars. This tool works with all major social platforms. Zoho Social has content features that include both publishing and scheduling posts, social analytics, and the monitoring of target keywords across conversations. They also offer team collaboration tools and real-time social media monitoring, including monitoring the effectiveness of hashtag use. 

Zoho Social is one of the best social media tools because it makes it easier to understand target audiences by giving insight into the impact of content and which posts most resonate with consumers. The cloud-based service is available via a mobile app on iOS and Android. In addition to the free version, there are three different plans offered by the tool.

10. Animaker

animated woman with Animaker features

If you’re looking to improve video content on social media, Animaker is one of the must-have social media tools for marketing. Voted as one of the best design products of 2022 as part of G2’s Best Software Awards, Animaker is a cloud-based online video editor. The self-proclaimed Swiss Army knife of creativity, Animaker enables users to create, edit, and share short videos, GIFs, and live videos. They make video content creation simple. 

Within Animaker, you can create customizable animations using templates and stock videos and photos within the tool and create live-action videos and presentations. They offer visual templates and imagery.  Animaker also has a voice recorder and offers royalty-free music and sound effects that can be used in created videos. Animaker has a free version and four tiered plans based on an organization’s needs. With its easy-to-use format and various templates, Animaker is great for beginners and experts alike looking to build video content on social media.

Why Use Social Media Marketing Tools?

Having an effective, comprehensive social media presence is an integral part of a social media marketing strategy. Consumers want meaningful experiences in the place in which they spend their time — on social media. Social media provides the opportunity to reach audiences, share information, and so much more. That does not mean that social media is without its challenges. In addition to the significant competition, there is a short window to capture the attention of audiences. Social media marketing tools can help. 45% of small business owners have said that they do not have the tools or skills they need for effective, creative content. While social media is saturated with content, using social media tools for marketing, such as social media management platforms and photo and video editors can substantially help. They can help capture the attention of social media users and aid in the building of relationships by assisting in the creation of high-quality visual and textual content. With the utilization of some of the best social media tools, making the most of social media is just a few clicks away.

Social media can be difficult to handle, but it doesn’t have to be with the right tools and tactics. To stay up-to-date on the latest in social media and more, keep following our blog. Coalition Technologies offers social media marketing services designed to help you leverage your strengths for success. Contact us to learn more about how to achieve your social media goals today!

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