Transactional Email Templates for BigCommerce

Transactional Email Templates for BigCommerce: What Is New?

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Transactional emails are arguably the most vital type of marketing emails; studies show they can deliver 6x higher revenue. The high level of competition in the BigCommerce space is increasingly making it a necessity to streamline the customer handling process and techniques.

Naturally, customers will only return if they had a satisfactory experience. In this line, email templates bridge the gap between brand identity, aesthetics, and consistency, to say the least. In particular, transactional email templates offer sophisticated customization options to enhance the customer experience and give business admins an easier time as they focus on running a high-converting campaign.

From definition to catchy design trends, our guide will give you a better understanding of BigCommerce email templates.

Understanding a Template: What Benefits Does It Offer?

Based on HTML language, email templates are customizable, pre-built email formats that contain modules for adding text, images, and other elements of a quality business email. 

Their reusability across different campaigns saves incredible amounts of time by making it possible for companies using BigCommerce to serve many customers without delay. Best-practice design coupled with the ability to modify admin permissions to incorporate business specifics allows consistency, a recipe to effortlessly win customers’ trust. 

Also, they are responsible for some of the most successful transactional and marketing campaigns because the minimal effort required to create them offers both flexibility and efficiency.

What Is a Transactional Email Template?

A transactional email is an email triggered when a user performs a specific action, such as registering an account or even canceling an order. Therefore transactional email templates aim to improve the user experience of the website and streamline the processes relating to customers’ purchases. 

The Difference Between Marketing and Transactional Email Templates

There are different types of BigCommerce email templates. Marketing templates and transactional templates are arguably the most common types that BigCommerce stores send to their customers, and they serve different purposes. The main difference between the two is that transactional email templates are non-promotional in nature and are delivered in response to activity on the site. They include emails confirming that you have successfully registered an account or that your order has been placed.

Types of Transactional Email Templates

The most common types of transactional email templates in the industry include: 

  • Registration/sign up 
  • Password set and reset
  • Confirmation of order
  • Shipping updates
  • Abandonment of transaction
  • Request for feedback

The design of transactional email templates is non-standard, which facilitates customizability to the branding. Different email companies can come up with unique BigCommerce email templates to reach out to many business types and appeal to more prospective customers.

These companies know that not all businesses hire extremely tech-savvy personnel, so they provide solutions for people who cannot code at all, allowing customization by simply adding or removing blocks. Of course, there are available options for more experienced builders, and some companies even provide template code so that developers can code and import their own unique templates. 

Trends To Look Out for in 2021

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69% of Americans have shopped online, and with the market size hitting almost 4 trillion, the level of competition to win your customers’ loyalty is higher than ever. As such, industry heavyweights are always looking to streamline their transactional email templates, a vice that drives the template sector. As such, it is in the best interest of your company to leverage cutting-edge template designs as they come in an attempt to sideline competition. Here are some design trends to look out for:

Inclusion of Full Handlebars Support

Handlebars is a renowned language for templates that leverages expressions inputs to generate HTML output and other text formats. It streamlines the process of executing templates to ensure efficient articulation and minimal frustration. The complete integration of Handlebars in BigCommerce email templates gives merchants more flexibility, especially when it comes to toning and customizing the users’ experience. 

Better Visual Design

2021 template augmentation will remain keen on visual design by providing a more aesthetic and easy-to-decipher template design. 

46% of email opens come from mobile phones, so the focus of new templates to ensure the state-of-the-art design will go a long way towards running a successful campaign.

Email Previewing and Testing Made Easier

Administrators will no longer face the cumbersome process of having to save a draft to be able to preview it to determine its quality. They will be able to preview emails with just a click on their desktop, tablet, or phone.

They will also be able to send a dummy email using the ‘send test email’ function to experience how the recipient will see it from their end. This will help to discover potential areas that need improvement, thereby adjusting them accordingly. Test emails also let you see how the email renders on different devices, operating systems, and email clients.

Diverse companies have used BigCommerce email templates to streamline their customer communication efforts. The future of transactional email templates is brighter than ever before and will be characterized by iconic transitions, to provide stellar customer experience and deliver messages more efficiently. It is up to you to conduct a substantial review as you look for an excellent template provider. For further information or to discuss your email marketing strategy, contact Coalition Technologies today.

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