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When you think about making conversions on the Internet, you usually consider things like marketing copy and web design as major factors to get those customers in and making purchases. Those are important factors of course, but what about the factors you don’t consider as much? Believe it or not, typography plays an equally significant part in conversions and is an important factor to consider when it comes to your Venice Beach graphic design strategy.

What is Typography and Why?

Typography is basically how the text looks on a given page. The typeface and font of the text determine the style of lettering and the size and width of the lettering. This can have a dramatic effect on the way the text actually feels, and can color the meaning of the actual content. The line length of the text determines the distance the text goes between the right and left margins, and can affect the readability of the text. Finally, the space between the letters themselves can change the density of the text and affects the way the text is read as well.

All of the aspects of typography should be carefully worked into your Venice Beach graphic design strategy. When a potential customer hits a landing page, he or she is going to subconsciously register the feel of the page itself, a large part of which is determined by the feel of the typography. Does the text feel like it is appropriate for your message? Can the customer take the text seriously? Or is the text too serious and formal? Is the spacing of the letters easy on the eyes or is the text too dense? Does the page read easily or is it a burden to get through? All of these factors can determine whether your visitors will take the time to read through and absorb your message, and eventually purchase a product.

Thinking About Your Typography

Make sure your text is clear and readable. You may find a typeface that looks pretty, but will the customer be able to read it? What effect will the text have within the context of your page? You want to make sure your actual content can be absorbed by the visitor. You can use variety but don’t go overboard. Think about which bodies of text should stand out and which should look similar to each other. Think about purpose and feel. What are you trying to convey with your message, and does your text communicate that feeling? Your line widths shouldn’t be so long that readers have to travel to the ends of your page to get to the next line, but they shouldn’t be so short that the readers have to constantly shift their eyes to the next line. And mind the spaces between your letters! Too far, and it might be hard to read, but too close and your text will be too dense and equally hard to read. Want to get your typography just right? Consider hiring a Venice Beach graphic design professional.

Hire a Professional

Typography is tricky to get just right. It takes a lot of testing and trial and error to get the look just right. Want to take all of the guesswork out of the equation and focus on your business? Coalition Technologies offers top talent in the Venice Beach graphic design market. We can work with you to figure out just what you want to communicate on your website, and get your typography just right. You’ll see more conversions and happy customers. Give us a call at 1-888-993-7639 today and get your free quote.

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