Victory for our LA SEO efforts

Just wanted to give some congratulations to our Los Angeles based SEO team, Joel and David.

Coalition Tech ranks on first page after 1 month of SEO
Our site ranking after one month of SEO for very competitive keywords

Coalition Technologies has achieved a first page ranking in Google search results for Los Angeles Web Design and a number of other relevant keyword queries. Our SEO team managed to achieve this high ranking after only one month of work in a very competitive keyword market. There are hundreds of other web design and LA SEO firms that have been trying to rank for these keywords for a lot longer, but our team, using white hat, best practice techniques achieved the coveted ranking.

Even better, a number of our clients have also seen double digit % traffic increases month over month as they achieve very high ranking for keyword searches targeted around their businesses. Coalition Technologies follows a comprehensive strategy in SEO, always following Google’s Guidelines, and always looking to rank for the most relevant keyword searches for our clients.

Unlike other SEO firms we do not guarantee search ranking for meaningless, non-profitable terms. We deliver results for large locales, very competitive, very profitable search terms. And we do not endanger our client in the process. We like to focus on high quality referral links, strong content, and a thorough, ongoing, technical review of websites and other company properties (like social network profiles) to ensure strong ranking and tremendous results.

Congrats guys.

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