Video and Its Integration Into Your Marketing Strategy

Video and Its Integration Into Your Marketing Strategy

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The world is more visual than ever before. People are exposed to an incredible amount of branded messages all day, every day. These messages are increasingly coming in the form of video instead of static images or text. Videos allow marketers to make a more human connection and show their products in real time. However, as more videos are being produced, the competition to capture and maintain your market’s attention with video is becoming more steep.

Here is what you should know about how to optimize your video marketing strategy from now on:

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Promote and Enhance Your Content

To start, why is video marketing so effective? As SEO becomes more competitive, you need to find new and unique ways to spread the word about your amazing content. And your content itself needs to be more enticing than others in your industry. Otherwise, you won’t drive enough traffic or retain it.

A key part of your video marketing strategy is to find ways to mention your other content, such as written blog posts or static images. You might even direct visitors to specific landing pages in order to boost that page’s SEO or increase your sales. Thanks to the powerful effect that video has, you can leverage the attention gained from it to direct your target market to other content that would be relevant for them.

Where to Use Video

It’s not enough to understand the importance of video. In fact, if you don’t place your video content in the right places, it might never be seen. This is why YouTube and Instagram are two great platforms to use. Once your video is there, it has a much higher likelihood of being seen. Plus, these platforms are easily accessible by anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Depending on your brand’s needs, you might elect to host all your videos on these free platforms to avoid bandwidth issues. Then, you have the ability to embed the videos on additional platforms, such as your website. Speaking of which, let’s start with the first place you should have plenty of videos for marketing purposes:

On Your Website

The first place to include a video is your home page. You may have additional URLs that serve as landing pages, and video will often convert better there as well. Any video marketing strategy that does not include video content on your domain is a recipe for lost revenue.

There are additional aspects of your website that will benefit from video. For instance, you can include embedded videos in your blog posts, white papers, and other text-based resources to add engagement and fun to your marketing messages.

In Your Advertising

If you aren’t leveraging video in your advertising, you’re missing a huge opportunity. With video becoming the best way to engage and persuade your market online, you need to lead with it as a core part of your strategy. Videos have a more human feel and can arouse more emotion in your ideal customers than static words and images.

On Your Social Media Pages

Why is video marketing so effective on social media? Social ads are excellent for increasing engagement on those platforms and should be seen as a necessary element of your video marketing strategy. Furthermore, they can act as traffic sources to your primary website or product pages. Finally, you can briefly explain your products or services in a comprehensive way instead of challenging your audience with a huge wall of text.

In Your Emails

While email is far from dead, it’s difficult to get the level of engagement that it used to provide. With most peoples’ inboxes filled to the brim with the same old marketing messages, you need a way to stand out. Video captures attention and helps direct your subscribers further down your funnel.

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Video Production Tips

Knowing where to place your videos is essential, but not sufficient. Why is video marketing so effective for some brands and less useful for others? It often has to do with the videos themselves. The other half of the battle involves producing high-quality video that meets the expectations of today’s internet-savvy customers. Here are the top things to keep in mind regarding the actual production of your marketing videos:

Show the Product in Use

There is a reason that television infomercials have hung around as long as they have. While they may seem cheesy, there is a common theme throughout each successful one: they show the product in use. By dramatizing your product and allowing your audience to see exactly how it solves their problems (and how easy it is), you make your marketing promises more cemented in their reality. For some aspects of your video marketing strategy, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.


Your videos should be filmed in 4K at a minimum. You want to make your videos future-proof so that they display beautifully on all platforms now and going forward. Consumers will dismiss grainy videos and assume you are not the best solution in the marketplace if you fail to meet certain production standards. At Coalition Technologies, a tenet of our video marketing strategy is to film in 8K so that we can use a variety of colors and platforms for our clients.

Coalition Can Create Your Next Video Marketing Strategy

If you’re struggling to create an effective video marketing strategy, contact Coalition Technologies today to talk about your video project and how we can assist you in driving revenue and engagement with world-class video!

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