Web Design is Fun

We say it all the time in office, but very rarely outside of our walls do we announce it. So we’re saying it here- web design is fun!

Its not just fun because we’re growing rapidly and have a great team. It isn’t just fun because we’ve got great clients (although they do help). It isn’t just fun because our industry is on an exponential growth curve. It isn’t just fun because we’re situated in two great cities with very different business cultures and personalities.

Web design is fun because its one of the few places that left and right brain meet, and a dozen different industries converge in a powerful way. We’re part time concept developers, part time marketers, full time coders and programmers, full time designers, and full time business consultants. We get to study what drives user behavior, what the latest trends are (and will be), and are constantly pushing to make sure our customers are at the forefront of those leading edges.

Its a great business and its a lot of fun!

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