Web Design & Search Marketing Done Right = Time Invested

Time is money! Thus, where you spend your time is an investment.

Part of what makes Coalition Technologies such a great partner in search engine optimization or in web design is our willingness to invest a significant amount of time in each client.

We don’t simply ask our clients to fill out a form or answer a few basic questions about what they perceive their needs to be. We don’t just ‘talk at’ them, we listen. We want to know about our clients’ needs, there business models, their industry. We take the time to invest in a mutually beneficial relationship that is advantageous for both of us.

Why is it advantageous for both of us?

For our clients it means that the website we create is a better representation of their brand, and is more capable of reaching their client. It means that their SEO is targeted on their preferred industry and on their preferred specializations. It means our PPC campaigns have a greater chance of seeing profitability early in the efforts, rather than being a ‘try as you go’ type of thing. A lot of potential clients we talk to focus solely on the price. They forget that even before we begin actual coding or actual marketing, we spend a good deal more time talking and listening to them than the ‘cheaper’ competitors. Invariably, they walk away from the experience of even speaking with us, better educated, better informed, and capable of making a better decision.

Shockingly, some of them just choose not to spend the money on their website. They save a few hundred dollars and go with the web design company that they found on Craigslist, and that they had a few emails with. Then, when the website turns out to be a template, or their application doesn’t properly function, or their databases have coding errors, or they have repeated security breaches, they want to know why it is that things went so sourly.

The truth of the matter is that in those situations, a big part of our cost is the investment of our time. Most web designers do all of their work at a computer without much in the way of physical supplies. There isn’t construction materials to be purchased, there aren’t laborers or sub contractors to be hired. Once you have a good computer, Dreamweaver or some other application (or Notepad), a web design agency can go to work if they have the know how and the time to dedicate.

A custom website that has been built with a significant time investment does so much more, lasts so much longer (because we’re attentive to the future of the web), and requires so much less maintenance. Ultimately, it pays off sooner, it pays off more frequently, and it is a much better investment.

If you, or your company is looking to invest your hard earned income or revenue in your website, in your search engine marketing (SEM), in SEO, or in some other development, look for a company that is equally willing to invest themselves on your behalf. You’ll find that is why we’re such a fantastic value.

We’re based in Los Angeles, and in Seattle, Washington, but have successfully served clients around the globe. Contact us and see what a difference we can make.

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