Web Designer wins King of the Week, 2 Weeks Running

Hiren Patel wins again, cleaning the clock of other Coalition Tech employees, for the week of May 1st through the 7th.

How does he do it? We found this picture that might suggest the Force is strong with him.

Leading Web Designer, Hiren Patel, boarding his star ship.
How can we compete with this guy?

The King of the Week is a relatively new prize for Coalition Technologies that is awarded to the most dedicated and committed employees as determined by a committee who evaluates various factors and circumstances to make the decision. Overall, only the Nobel Prize committee offers a more thorough evaluation of candidates, so Hiren winning twice is an extraordinary feat.

Hiren is the lead web designer at Coalition, with a strong background in usability, coding and development, and a great eye for creative design processes. He is able to handily translate a client’s vision into a fully functional website design that gets high marks for security, usability, marketability, and conversions.

In the Los Angeles area, he’s demonstrated that he is the best web design around. The fact that he puts in long hours and loves his work, only helps to increase his value to us, and to his clients.

In his free time, he enjoys seeing far off planets, performing daring rescue missions, and defeating ugly slug monsters. His father does not wear a shiny black helmet and sound like a respirator. Hiren does have robotic hands however, making his computers seem like an extension of his mind, as he builds custom websites and crafts creative ecommerce web designs. Since one of the qualifications for King of the Week is the ability to handle a light saber effectively, he is also great in intergalactic space battles, especially if you’re a good guy.

We’re very excited to continue to work with Hiren on a number of exciting projects including several fashion websites, a beauty products website, and several exciting new social networking concepts. His contributions are invaluable, and are a core element of Coalition’s success.

Thank you Hiren for a job well done!

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