Welcome to Seattle, Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is celebrating a homecoming of sorts.

The founder of our web design firm, Joel Gross, and myself (his brother Jordan) are originally from Washington state. We grew up in the Puyallup area (we lived in Graham, Spanaway, Puyallup, and Tacoma at varying points) and didn’t leave until we went off to school. Both of us are high school graduates from Cascade Christian, in the Puyallup valley.

After graduating from high school, we both decided to attend the University of Washington, Seattle campus and spent the next four years of our lives in the U District. Many of our good friends were found during that time period and many of them still live throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

University of Washington Quad in Spring
Home to Joel and I for 4 years

When Joel founded the company, he did so in Los Angeles because of non-compete clause elements in his contract with his previous employer. Now that those term limits have expired, we’re moving back northward to establish our presence and make connections in the Puget Sound.

Joel will still be heading up the company from our Los Angeles headquarters, while I create and manage our Northwest office. I own a home in the Graham area, just south of Orting, that overlooks the Puyallup river.

Living in Washington has some great upsides, and some downsides. Downside? It is cold all the time. In mid-April, we had snow/hail falling in the morning, and the rain seems like it really wishes it could freeze over. Upsides? It is a lot cleaner here and the traffic is a lot better (especially once you get away from Bellevue and the I-405 corridor, or Seattle and the I-5 corridor). Since I am a caffeine junky it is nice to see 2 or 3 coffee shops on every corner.

We’re planning on starting our actual web design offices someplace in between Pierce and King County, so that we can best reach all of the major population centers in the state of Washington. Kent and Federal Way or Southcenter (Tukwila) all seem like they might be viable options. It would be easy for us to travel and meet clients in Tacoma or in Redmond, or north of Seattle.

At the moment, my home is the home base for Coalition Technologies Seattle. We’ll keep you informed as we develop and grow further. Let us know if you are a Washington business and are in need of local web design or search engine optimization. We’re more then happy to help a neighbor!

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