What is an SEO company?

What Is an SEO Company?

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases a website’s visibility in search engine results. Most business owners recognize the importance of this in a long-term marketing strategy, but generating new leads is a little more complicated than just choosing keywords.

Effective SEO requires well-thought-out, flexible strategies to increase organic traffic and drive qualified leads. An SEO company is a dedicated team of experts to help your business thrive and reach new customers.

What Do SEO Agencies Do?

They provide content for your website, optimize it for search engine rankings, create backlinks, and analyze performance. These activities help improve website rankings, boost website traffic, and generate leads.

Search engines use web crawling, indexing, ranking, and algorithms to deliver the most relevant results to the right people, although the rules they use to display results may vary. SEO is a constantly changing field and in order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to keep up to date on the latest guidelines.

What Is an SEO Company’s Focus?

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The four main components of SEO are interwoven. SEO agencies blend these strategies to generate results for clients.

1.       Provide Website Content

An SEO company will create high-quality, relevant content such as blog posts, articles, webpages, and more that are optimized for search engines and of interest to a business’s target audience. This content will contain the right keywords tailored to the website’s audience, so they are more likely to appear in search engine results.

2.       Optimize for Search Engine Compliance

Search engine crawlers need an organized site structure so they can easily access and index all its content. An SEO company creates this sitemap and makes sure the website is mobile-device friendly (which will also improve the overall rankings of the site). Additionally, for brick-and-mortar locations or in-person service providers (restaurants, healthcare, retail), ensuring a website’s effectiveness for local search is instrumental to attracting foot traffic, inquiries, and phone calls.

3.      Create Backlinks

Having backlinks to your website from other relevant and reputable websites boosts search engine rankings and exposes your business to new customers. Think of backlinks as votes of confidence from other websites, which helps increase your brand’s credibility.

4.       Analyze Website Performance 

An SEO company will analyze the performance of your website. This includes looking at metrics such as page views, bounce rate, time on site, and more to identify areas where the website can be improved. They will also look at what keywords people use to find the website and adjust their strategies accordingly.

What Do SEO Agencies Do to Improve Business Strategy?

Using the components listed above, a scientifically-based strategy for each client is created. These custom-designed strategies are cost-effective as they promote data-driven decisions rather than educated guesses. Research shows 80% of business data is “dark and untouched.” As part of the collaborative nature of the client-agency relationship, an SEO company is valued for providing each client with metrics to support each stage in evaluating data and executing data-driven strategies. Understanding how to convert business intelligence data into valuable and actionable steps that help clients achieve sales and outreach goals is what these agencies excel at.

What Is the Benefit of an SEO Company’s Business Strategy?

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To be successful, SEO companies must blend scientific rigor with artistic creativity. Ethical SEO companies believe in creating partnerships with their clients to conduct SEO audits, perform competitive analysis, maximize every advertising dollar spent, and optimize every web page for 100% effectiveness. As a result, there’s no “one size fits all” approach but rather custom-tailored solutions that bring out the best in each business. Therefore, SEO should be a significant part of a business’s digital marketing toolkit as it is an ideal and effective way to raise a website’s caliber and brand’s worth.

What Is an SEO Company’s Primary Goal?

SEO agencies help their clients in a few core ways:

  • Boost website traffic: An effective SEO strategy will help increase website traffic by making it easier for people to find the website in search engine results pages.
  • Improve website rankings: Executing a well-designed strategy helps improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages. This improved ranking will make it easier for people to find the website, which can lead to increased traffic and leads.
  • Use time and resources effectively: Statistics show that an effective SEO strategy can bring up to 300% more website traffic than social media. While social media may be necessary for engaging with a business’s current customers, it’s a time-intensive process that may not yield the best results for generating new business.

Since all strategies are measurable and trackable, agencies have access to data that can show them what is or isn’t working. They can track objectives like lead generation, reputation, and page traffic. This feedback guides the strategy and is excellent at helping establish an effective plan for a long-term strategy that generates lasting results. 

Choosing the Right SEO Company

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When investigating what SEO agencies do, look for the following qualities. These signs show you’ll be working with professionals who value your business and are qualified to help you achieve your outreach and sales goals:

  • Transparency: A reputable SEO company will always be transparent about its activities and provide regular updates on its progress. They should also be willing to answer any questions you may have about their SEO strategies and how they are working towards your business goals.
  • Regular communication: Progress updates, activities, and reports should be given on a regular basis.
  • Ability to provide results: With a knowledgeable SEO company helping you guide your website, you will see improved rankings, increased traffic, more inquiries, and an uptick in sales.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing efforts that use the internet to connect with customers. It includes strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, and email marketing. 

While some industries will benefit from certain services more than others, these strategies perform best when they are all working in conjunction with one another. For example, SEO tends to take anywhere from 3-6 months to start bumping pages higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) but PPC, on the other hand, can provide a near-immediate boost to pages. Even though both approaches focus on page visibility, cultivating a long-term marketing plan with SEO marketing efforts is way more cost-effective than only focusing on PPC. 

Other than helping your site achieve better rankings in search engines, SEO agencies also help your business by:

  • Improving your online reputation by helping you build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • Increasing brand awareness by producing content that will engage potential customers and spread awareness of your brand.
  • Improving your customer relationships by engaging with current and potential customers on social media and providing helpful content through email marketing.

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