What’s New in BigCommerce B2B Edition? 2023 Update

What’s New in BigCommerce B2B Edition? 2023 Update

BigCommerce dropped the latest release of its B2B Edition on May 1, and marketers are buzzing about the multi-storefront compatibility. Here are the biggest changes in the new release and why they matter for your brand.

Multiple Storefronts

This one’s huge. Brands can now connect and manage multiple storefronts from a single BigCommerce backend. This can even go across brands so companies with multiple arms can manage all of their stores from one interface. BigCommerce also foresees owners using multi-storefront (MSF) to reach different geographic areas or customer segments.

This will immediately drive down costs for established sellers currently operating multiple storefronts just by simplifying the logistics. Headless solutions allow sellers to customize the purchasing experience for different audiences, and MSF promises to make storefronts more dynamic and engaging for buyers without increasing operating costs.

Updated Buyer Portal

This is all about automation. The new BigCommerce B2B streamlines the buyer-seller relationship with better workflows for managing orders. When a store creates a better customer experience, it always leads to higher satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

Sellers can now make customized B2C purchasing experiences based on a customer’s region or particular audience segment. Preset shopping lists, simplified reordering, and a much-improved mobile experience are all part of BigCommerce’s mission to help brands scale faster with its B2B Edition.

Headless Support

Headless B2B Edition is in beta right now, but this is one to watch. B2B Edition can integrate with any BigCommerce theme or CMS platform. As BigCommerce further optimizes this capability, it will become even easier to offer personalized buying experiences for customers.

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