Who is the best SEO company in Los Angeles?

Who is the best SEO company in LA? Coalition Technologies. And we’ll tell you why.

We recently wrote a post on the difficult job of determining who is the best web design company in Los Angeles, and we decided to provide a follow up article on who the best SEO company in Los Angeles is.

First, I feel its appropriate to address some of the major concerns and research points that you should do before choosing either a web designer or an SEO company. Look at sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Judy’s List/Angie’s List, etc, to help get an understanding of whom you’ll be working with. Generally, these types of site reflect a much smaller microcosm of the total business that a company does, so keep in mind that you’re not often getting the full picture. Many satisfied and unsatisfied clients will not post. Also keep in mind that these sites can be scammed by web designers and SEO companies. For instance, I recently saw a Craigslist ad for a business that showed an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. When I visited the BBB site, I found that the company had only been open for one month, without any complaints. When I researched the business owner’s name, I found that he had already ran through three other business names and registrations in the previous year. Each one, had an F for their rating and had correspondingly poor reviews from other sites.

If you look at our Better Business Bureau rating, you’ll see we have an A-. We’ve been operating in Los Angeles for over 2 years, under the same name and at the same address, etc. We have one complaint in that time, and we felt it was completely unjustified. A client of ours signed an agreement detailing a scope of work. As we progressed into their web development project, they continuously expanded on the scope of work (new features for their website, big changes in design direction, long periods without them providing feedback on the design, etc). Eventually, we had to put our foot down, and told them that we couldn’t continue working with them unless they addressed the changes in work. The client then filed the complaint and requested a refund from their credit card company. Rather than fight the credit card company, we authorized the refund, and walked away from the individual. We lost out on plenty of man hours and significant time, but we’re a firm believer in knowing when to cut your losses and move on. That single instance, in a 2 year period, gave us our A-. Of course, we firmly believe that the client was in the wrong in their approach to our professional relationship, and services. Our agreements clearly spell out what work we do in an agreement, and what work we do not do. We try and be flexible, to make sure our clients are always happy, but there are instances where additional costs are a reality. As a small business owner, we’re certain you can understand that idea. In the end, we parted ways with a difficult client, out man hours and costs associated with it, but we also don’t have to work with that individual any more. (It’s a win for us).

Better Business Bureau A- rating for Coalition Technologies
One undeserved negative in two years, and we’re at A-.

When looking at other review sites, realize that they aren’t always accurate either. Look for signs that they might be false- lots of postings in the same day, week, but none before or after, usually indicates fraudulent posting. People who review, also tend to review other businesses and many review sites let you check those peoples’ profiles to see if they’ve reviewed more than once. At Coalition, we do ask our clients’ to review our work with us, and with other quality assurance sites, but we do not offer incentives for positive reviews, and we do not write false ones. That way, you and other clients are always assured you’re getting accurate representations of our work and our clients’ experiences.

Those things should help you get a grasp on how to select an SEO (or web design) company. Also, don’t forget to check that they’re actually licensed or registered in your state (California and Washington for us). If the operating name on their business license is different than what they say it is, they’re probably trying to cover a bad history. We’ve seen web design companies throw up new sites in minutes with new names and numbers just to try and cover very poor work.

Don’t hire individuals or ‘freelancers’ whenever possible. Without any sort of business or agreement, you often have no way of validating who they are, what they do, and what they say. One client we successfully built a site for (after this experience), had written a check to a company charging $499 for web design on Craigslist, and they never heard from them again. They met the guy who claimed to represent a design company and they had a website that looked good, but once the check was cashed, they were gone.

Do your research. We’re telling you were the best, and we believe we are. And we know that if you research you’ll make the same determination.

Beyond just being able to demonstrate our prowess through these methods, we also have extensive experience successfully helping businesses of all stripe and size to achieve great financial results in many different industries. Our SEO tactics are high level, thoroughly researched and documented, and time tested. We don’t just sell lots of links and lots of keywords. Those SEO tactics are grade school and became ineffective (and risky) around 2005. Google wants to provide good quality, technical, and content driven sites. We help you achieve that qualification.

Go ahead, check us out.

You’ll be glad you did.

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