Whose Identity Does Your Website Reflect?

We have this discussion with our clients repeatedly as we proceed through our design phase, where we are developing color palettes, font groups, visual elements, and wireframes from our LA website design offices.

With anything that we (speaking as the broad audience of humanity) build, there is a desire to make it our own. We want it to reflect us. We want it to reflect our beliefs, our dreams, our skills, etc. For many companies looking at beginning a web design project, preconceived notions about who their clients are, and what their clients want, can also weigh heavily.

A lot of times, these beliefs fail to deliver the expected results or are not as client focused as we believe. Ultimately, we end up being a stumbling block to our own successes. Our clients should always be the focus when making a determination and any division in the thought process between what you, as a company owner want, and what your client wants, should be clearly laid out and evaluated for true value.

As a web design company, we have to be the adviser and technical director to a myriad of things for you. And if we do our jobs right, then your clients benefit as much as you do from our work. How do we achieve this?

First, we listen to what you want and listen to how you define your customers. Then we research and find out more about your vertical industry, the demographics of your region (if you’re a law firm or medical office or contractor or retailer) and start to coalesce some data to help us create a look and feel that is right for your webdesign.

One of the beautiful elements of our work is that we also have extensive experience creating administrative back ends (CMS or content management systems) that are as easy to work with as the front end designs are for clients. Here we can really separate out the meat of your technical functionality from the visual and functional needs your clients expect on your web site. This way your clients find an appealing experience and you have a site that can be at the core of your business.

In the end, once we’ve completed our analysis of your business, your industry, yourself, and your clients, we create the design. We do several different iterations of the website designs and then through more discussion with you, develop a look with the feel and functionality that you want. We also try and be the voice of your client, as we have more experience and knowledge about the end user and their expectations for a website.

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