Why Backlinks Are King

Backlinks Are King
Backlinks Are King
Search Engine Optimization relies on a lot of aspects. Everything from getting the right coding to the age of the domain that you are using to target keywords. But for all the aspects that you have to address to get top SEO results there is one constant factor – backlinks.

Unlike almost every other piece of SEO, backlinks can be done on a continual basis – it is far from a case of set an forget. Whilst certain considerations about the strength of the link, anchor text and other factors matter the fact is that there are no real bad links, every link is useful – though the more powerful the better!


Backlinks are useful because they are considered something of a ‘vote’ by search engines.. the links show that another site thought enough of what you have available to link to it. The more sites that link to an article, page or application the more useful it must be to readers – and so the Search Engines rank it highly.

This means that developing backlinks is important. If you are able to manipulate things to get quality backlinks you are able to help boost the ranking of your site.

This is important when compared against on page SEO such as the content. While that is pretty much a one off (occasional updates to keep it ‘fresh’ aside) you are able to continually work at backlinks, indeed it is suggested, especially for competitive keywords.

This means that if you are not ranking as you feel you should be for a certain keyword you can continue building links to get your page or site to rise up the rankings. And this is what makes backlinks king of SEO – it allows you to decide where you rank.

If you are prepared to put more effort into building backlinks than your competitors 90% of the time you will get the ranking you deserve, making building back links the king of Search Engine Optimization.

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