Why Isn’t My Website Making Money?

Why Isn’t My Website Making Money?

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“My website isn’t making money.”

“How can I earn more money from my website?”

You’re not the only one dealing with these frustrations. With more than 1.5 billion websites currently online, you have a ton of competition to get people to visit yours. Even if you operate in a very niche vertical, there could still be hundreds or thousands of other businesses competing with you to attract the same customers or qualified leads. Yet competition isn’t the only reason your website could be having a problem.

At Coalition Technologies, we’re the experts that can help you discover and resolve any website issues that could be causing you to lose money. Stop wondering why your ecommerce website is not selling any product or why your lead generation website isn’t bringing in more qualified leads. See the success that our SEO, marketing, and web design campaigns have earned for hundreds of clients here on our portfolio.

1. There’s Not Enough Website Traffic

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Website traffic is the first concern you should explore when you discover that your website isn’t making any money. If nobody can find or visit your website, there aren’t going to be any sales or leads. To ensure the visibility of your website, you have a few options that when used together, can boost traffic immensely.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are specific web pages created to introduce potential customers to the specific products or services they’re looking for. By funneling traffic for ecommerce or lead generation to particular landing pages, you can help ensure a more relevant experience that improves the chances of a conversion.

Landing pages are often created as the next step for potential customers who click on an advertisement (if you have a PPC campaign), or optimized to appear in search results for specific terms. Using landing pages to create a more relevant user experience is effective for getting the most value from the traffic to your website.

Identify Navigation Pathways

Google Analytics can be a powerful diagnostic tool for seeing why your website isn’t making money. The Navigation Summary window shows how many views each of your pages have received, along with statistics for where those users came from, and where they went next. The Users Flow report can help you visualize this with a graphical interface.

Use Google Analytics to see if users aren’t making it to your important pages. Maybe they’re not effective as landing pages, or perhaps the traffic you do see is exiting your site at an unusually high rate in some places. Use GA to identify those issues and get a fix in progress.


Another way to funnel traffic to your website and simultaneously raise your website authority so it appears more frequently in searches is through backlinks. Conducting outreach to various authoritative blogs and online newspapers and convincing them to link back to your website is a great way to get referral traffic. If you’ve been wondering how you can earn more money from your website, backlinks could help you out.

Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate the importance of email marketing to your brand. Having a consistent content calendar for your emails is one of the most important ways of engaging with your customers. Additionally, make sure you’re offering special offers or discounts in these emails that are only available to people in your subscriber list. This incentivizes people to stay subscribed and engaged and is one of the best solutions to how you can earn money from your website.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that needs to be used in tandem with landing pages to encourage people to visit your website. With links leading to specific pages or special offers that are only available through social media, you’ll soon stop asking why your website isn’t making money and start considering expansion.

2. Your Content Is Missing / Unoptimized

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Many people in marketing say that content is king, and we believe that this is true. Optimized converting content works in two ways: it ensures that your website appears higher up in search results and it convinces people to convert once they’re on your website. If you don’t have great content, this could be another reason why your website is just not selling or generating more leads.

Converting Content

Your content should be telling a story that convinces people to buy. Start with an attention-grabbing headline and then lead them down a path that shows them why they should buy your product. A confusing message could be the reason why your website isn’t making any money.

After the headline, you should be alternating between unique selling propositions and special offers that clearly show visitors the way forward. Each page on your website should lead the visitor towards your goal.

  • Home pages explain what you have to offer and why you’re the best choice.
  • Category pages show off your selection and versatility.
  • Product and service pages explore competitive pricing and quality.

As your visitors get closer to the products they want to buy, your calls to action and unique selling propositions should get more specific to showcase the benefits of your products or services. How can you earn more from your website? With a concise, convincing path towards a sale.

Optimized Copy

While optimized copy can be useful for visitors, its main goal is convincing search engines that your website is relevant to particular searches. Like your content strategy, your optimization strategy should go from broad to specific — from the homepage through to the product pages. Once search engines know exactly what you sell, they can present it to people who are searching for those specific items. If you’re wondering why your website isn’t making any money, it could be because you’re missing crucial keywords that clue search engines into your relevance.

Metadata Optimization

Another element of optimized copy is metadata optimization. From your title tags and meta descriptions to image alt text and URLs, everything is important. Your keywords for each page should be appearing throughout the metadata to make doubly sure that search engines understand your intent.

3. Your Website Is Difficult to Navigate and Use

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If you’re getting significant traffic but nobody is converting, you have a different issue on your hands. Why isn’t your website making any money with so many visitors each day? The user interface and responsiveness of your website could be the answer to why your ecommerce website is not selling any products, or your lead gen site is not bringing in any leads.

Layout & Design

A website that isn’t visually attractive and easy-to-use can cause people to leave it almost as soon as it loads. Ugly banners can dissuade visitors in less than three seconds! You should also be focusing on intuitive website navigation. Like your content and keywords, navigation should also go from broadest to most specific in a coherent manner.

  • Jewelry > Rings > Gemstone Rings > Sapphire Ring
  • Clothing > Dresses > Patterned Dresses > Floral Dresses
  • Swords > Japanese Swords > Katanas
  • Areas of Legal Practice > Sealing Juvenile Records
  • Insurance Coverage > General Liability

Each of these categories gets more specific to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for. Nestling each subcategory under the appropriate category page is integral to simplified layout and navigation.

Responsive Design

Since people are just as likely to be browsing on their phones and tablets as they are to be searching on their computers, responsive design is more important than ever. A website that isn’t functional on all devices can lose up to 50% of its potential traffic. Why isn’t your website making any money? Because 50% of people can’t visit it. Design for mobile first to discover a massive jump in traffic and sales.

Website Speed

One final reason why your website is not selling could be website speed. Part of a simplified and pleasant user experience includes pages and images that load quickly. Most users today expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less and will bounce away if it doesn’t. The best ways to improve website speed include:

  • Compressing images
  • Reducing redirects
  • Optimizing HTML code
  • Decreasing CSS and JavaScript

Work with Coalition Technologies

This overview should have given you some basic ideas of why your website isn’t making any money. While some of these fixes are easy to make on your own, others require more in-depth knowledge and expertise. If you’re looking for some guidance to boost traffic and sales to your website, choose Coalition Technologies as your guide.

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