Why SiteCore is Great for SEO

Sitecore is a highly awarded, international company that provides web content management (WCM) systems that help businesses improve their search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. The company also provides experience management software, but it is best known for creating high-quality WCMs. Using Sitecore for your business’ SEO campaign can yield several crucial benefits; this blog offers up a brief overview six of the most important ones.

Effective Page Titles

Sitecore ensures that the page titles on your website are highly relevant to their content. To make matters easier, the WCM system allows you to use a template to ensure that each item at the page level has three editable fields. These fields allow you to fully customize browser titles for HTML documents, navigation titles that are used in navigation links and page titles.

Optimized URLs

Sitecore lets you use item names and tree data structure to create optimized URLs. This helps to ensure that item names are developed based on page titles and that the data is stored within the information architecture of the website. The URLs that are developed with Sitecore SEO resources are clear, concise and reflect the information structure for your site.

Improved Page Text

Sitecore gives you the ability to fill each page of your website with 2-3 paragraphs of highly optimized text that are keyword-\ rich and descriptive of the item in question. Adding highly optimized text to content areas where descriptive text is placed will help your website appear more relevant to Google and other search engines that place an emphasis on content quality.

Customized Keywords / Meta Data

Keywords and meta data can have a major impact on the search engine results position (SERP) of a website. Sitecore allows you to use a data template to optimize items that have mandatory meta data fields, specifically meta description fields and meta keyword fields. Keywords are pulled from a collection of topics that are highly relevant based on the content of your website.

Competitive, Relevant Keywords

Sitecore’s SEO Tool Kit lets you develop keywords that are competitive and highly relevant to the page in question. The toolkit feature can be used to evaluate the following aspects of page content: errors that could negatively impact SEO (e.g., missing meta data), the number and quality of inbound links from search engines and words and phrases that receive the most use.

XML Sitemap Generation

Supplying your website with with an XML sitemap makes search engines aware of URLs on the site that are available for “crawling.” Sitecore Marketplace supplies users with two modules that are quite helpful for generating XML sitemaps: XML Sitemap Generator and Sitemap XML. Having a properly constructed sitemap in place can help increase the SERP of your website.

Need Help Using Sitecore?

Sitecore provides web content management systems that help businesses get great results from SEO campaigns. However, as with other types of WCMs, fully utilizing Sitecore SEO requires some users to request assistance from an online marketing agency that is familiar with Sitecore SEO solutions. If your business is in this group, Coalition Technologies will assist you with implementing Sitecore in a capacity that helps you achieve your online business goals.

For more information about how Coalition Technologies can assist you with Sitecore SEO, call us today at (310) 827-3890 to schedule a free consultation, or use our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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