Why Startups Should Turn to Zero Paid Media Marketing Strategy

So as a startup, how do you maximize your Los Angeles paid media marketing strategy? Believe it or not, you do this by zeroing out your paid media altogether and strengthening your owned and earned media output. It might sound counterintuitive, but the effectiveness of paid media is waning every day, and the impact of owned and earned media is growing. Let’s talk about these media types and what they mean for your marketing strategy.

What Happened to Paid Media?

Paid media is not necessarily dead. However, as a startup you want to run a lean operation until your product gains traction in the market. In the early phases of your company, your Los Angeles paid media marketing strategy should de-emphasize paid media, though you can pick paid media up again later if you need to target a specific market and expand further.

For the uninitiated, paid media is basically paid advertising such as Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, and etc. Paid media is losing influence in relation to earned and owned media. Today’s customers want to engage with a brand and share their experiences of the brand with their peers, which is where owned and earned media come in. Considering that costs can add up fast for paid media and returns are increasingly becoming uncertain, it is best to focus more of your energy towards the owned and earned forms of media.

Turning to Owned and Earned Media

Owned media has to do with content and the delivery of that content such as with websites, social media outlets, blogs, and more. As a startup, you want to build excitement and engagement around your new product. You want to target social influencers, popular bloggers and hardcore customers, for example, who will spread the word about your brand. Hardcore customers are people who can’t live without your product and will spread the word on social media outlets. Take a look at the market and demographic you are targeting. What sort of culture are you appealing to? What do your targeted customers want from their content? How do you get people engaged and spreading the word?

Earned media is basically word of mouth marketing, which on the Internet takes the form of content being shared on social media networks. Every serious startup is dying to get their brand featured in the next viral sensation. If you handle your earned media campaign right, you can get major exposure for very low cost. With both owned and earned media, you don’t have to worry about climbing up-front costs like paid media, but you do have to put time and energy into mastering these media types. Strengthening your earned and owned media faculties is essential to your Los Angelespaid media marketing strategy. People place more trust in quality content and word of mouth recommendation, which translates to engagement and influence.

Growing Your Startup

Once your brand leaves its early stages and gains traction in the market, you should have more resources at your disposal to refine your marketing strategy and gain market share. This is when you can start thinking about your Los Angeles paid media marketing strategy again. Though costly and losing influence, paid media remains the most effective way to target precise portions of the market, and can complement the power of your earned and owned media nicely.

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