Your Business Online

A lot of companies feel that their web presence should operate a lot like their brick and mortar store/ office/ practice/ etc.

They want a website up, that gets as many people ‘in the door’ and then their traditional business model takes over. The website is just another bill board to put up and walk away from.

This method works, to some extent, but it also ignores the vast capabilities presented now. A website doesn’t have to be another ad- it can operate entirely independently from the normal business with its own sales and marketing technique.

We always are encouraging our clients to think about how they can re-imagine their business model.

Do you really need to make a person come in to visit you? If you’re a doctor or dentist or lawyer, the answer is probably yes. But for almost everyone else, there are ways to use the web as a revenue generator, rather then simply another ho-hum ad spread.

Coalition does a lot of brain storming when we first come to work for you. Unless you’re dead set on one way, and one way only, we want to use our expertise in web design, search engine marketing, and business development to help create a more effective web presence.

There are often a lot of opportunities to make your site profitable, without having to directly sell something.

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