Your Website Structure May Be Hurting Your Google Rankings

When constructing your website architecture, it is important to follow appropriate SEO techniques in order to attract more visitors to your site and place your homepage higher in Google’s search results. Although the person developing the site may believe that they are creating a website architecture design that leads to optimal SEO results, he may be unintentionally violating the standards set forth by Google and therefore being penalized in the rankings.

Coalition Technologies specializes in boosting the performance of your website by maximizing its web presence. We can provide a cost effective website architecture analysis that will help your website avoid some of the common mistakes below.

Creating Duplicate Content

Google’s 200-point ranking system is based on the goal to grade websites according to the value they provide to the user. When Google notices that a site contains content that has been duplicated its algorithm determines that site to be of less value since it is reproducing information that can be found somewhere else.

Often, duplicate content is the result of a website owner accidentally reproducing his own material on this website. This can occur when content on a blog post is self-replicating after clicking on it or reappearing on category pages, as well as many other situations the website owner may not be aware of.

At Coalition Technologies, we use a cutting-edge website architecture tool — along with a number of proprietary methods — that can accurately identify duplicate content and ensure it isn’t holding your website back any longer. Visit our website or call us today to discuss what other benefits their website architecture analysis can provide: 1-310-827-3890

Low Quality Links

In order to maintain a code of website architecture best practices, it is imperative to avoid low quality link and backlinks that ultimately hinder your Google rankings. This includes links directing users to your website that come from spam content or pages with poor content themselves.  Purchasing links in order to increase traffic volume is also looked down by Google and will likely result in a penalty.

Coalition Technologies can scan your link profile and ensure that links from “bad neighborhoods” aren’t restricting the web presence of your site.

Over-optimization of Content

When creating your website architecture design it is important not to be over zealous when building content that will draw traffic. Although key words are essential in making sure your website finds its target audience, overloading a page with anchor texts will raise a red flag with Google. Coalition Technologies can help guide the process of developing a website architecture that will help your content hit the ideal keyword ratio.

Thin and Poor Content

It is paramount that high quality content be a part of your website architecture. Ever since the inception of the Panda algorithm, Google has cracked down on material that does not add to the user experience.  This includes content that is both poorly spelled and constructed, as well as that which contains irrelevant information. Google seeks to honor a website’s attempt to produce a high quality user experience.

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To ensure that your website architecture allows the maximum level of traffic to your site and doesn’t inadvertently invoke penalties in the Google ranking system, visit our website or talk with a representative from Coalition Technologies today: 1-310-827-3890. We’re happy to offer a free quote. Call us today.

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