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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Recovering from a Google penalty can seem like an impossible feat. But we have the experience and know-how to help recover your domain.

Recover from Google Penalties

While Google penalties don’t come as frequently as they used to, many domain owners are worried about being penalized for black hat SEO or other mistakes in managing their search engine optimization.

Coalition’s team of experts has helped numerous brands get back into search engine results pages (SERPs) after being blackballed with a Google penalty.

Recover from Google Penalties
We are a Certified Premier Google Partner.

We are a Certified Premier Google Partner.

Manual Penalty Recovery

Manual Penalty Recovery

Manual penalties from Google are often the scariest. Usually, a manual penalty means that Google found something untoward or suspect in a crawl of your website, or someone flagged you for being suspicious.

After a review, a manual reviewer decided that your actions deserved a manual penalty. Typically, there are notices that are delivered through Google Search Console if this is the case.

Search Engine Journal lists the following penalties:

  • cloaking and/or sneaky redirects
  • cloaking: first click free violation
  • cloaked images
  • hacked site
  • hidden text and/or keyword stuffing pure spam
  • spammy free hosts
  • spammy structured markup
  • thin content with little or no added value
  • unnatural links to your site
  • unnatural links from your site
  • user-generated spam
  • expired jobs

Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

An algorithmic penalty is one that happens when Google’s search algorithm automatically identifies a problem with your site or finds that your site is at odds with a new algorithm update or priority.

Many times, an algorithmic penalty can be trickier to resolve because Google often makes vague or unannounced changes and tests to its algorithm.

Coalition can help you recover here too.

Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

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Our Google Penalty Recovery Service

Our Google Penalty Recovery Service

Coalition has been helping brands recover from Google penalties for over 10 years.

As a white hat SEO agency with a range of experts, we’re able to not only diagnose the cause of the penalty, but we’re also able to provide solutions to resolve it and get your domain back into SERPs.

Our typical process includes:

  • Evaluation of any penalty notice
  • Review of Google Search Console and Google Analytics reports
  • Review of recent algorithm updates relevant to your site’s niche
  • Comparative analysis against a large cross section of our clients
  • Active crawl and testing of the site
  • Link profile analysis
  • Resolution of problematic findings, if any
  • Consultation with Coalition’s Google contacts on additional next steps, if any


My organic search traffic just dropped. Was I penalized?

In many instances, if you see a sharp drop in organic search traffic, it’s not related to a penalty. More often, it’s tied to an algorithm update, a problem in your reporting, or a technical issue.

How hard is it to recover from a Google penalty?

Google penalties are often fairly actionable—meaning, it’s usually something that a good strategy and some solid execution can address. It may not always be the fastest process but, usually, it is not to hard to come back from a Google penalty.

What is an algorithmic penalty?

Algorithmic penalties are automated penalties applied by Google’s algorithm. Usually, algorithmic penalties occur when something egregiously wrong with your site’s SEO is spotted, OR if there is a shift in the way that Google scores sites that dramatically undercuts the value of your prior SEO work.

Can I get penalized for bad links?

Link penalties used to be the most common form of penalty that Google would issue. Basically, you or someone working for you, or a nefarious 3rd party, would build a bunch of spammy links to your site to manipulate your ranking. Nowadays, link penalties are much rarer, as Google simply ignores most sources of spammy links.

Time-Tested Recovery Strategies

Our approach to resolving SEO penalties has stood the test of time.

We’ve helped brands bounce back from complete removal from search engine indexes inside of a month, and have helped them fully recover and even grow after an SEO penalty occurred.

If you’re looking for professional support to get over a Google penalty then contact Coalition.

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