2021-12-20 15:43:03

Lose the Head: Understanding When and Why To Go With a Headless Commerce Strategy

If you’re a large enterprise with a significant investment in one or more digital platforms, or if your established ecommerce store has been receiving customer complaints about how difficult it is to interact with your site, then headless ecommerce is a strategy that you should definitely consider. With consumers having the ability to purchase via different touchpoints — whether it be through smart voice assistants, progressive web apps, or IoT devices — it’s crucial that businesses adapt and allow customers to transact however they may choose.

Watch the video below as Jordan Brannon of Coalition Technologies, Kyle Capsalis of BigCommerce, and Aaron Conant of BWG Connect tackle the difference between traditional and headless ecommerce deployments, provide examples of brands that have utilized the headless approach, and define the considerations that businesses should factor in before deciding to go headless. Curious about headless ecommerce and want to find out if it’s the right solution for your business? Fill out the form below and our Digital Strategists will get in touch with you to discuss if going headless is right for you.


During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • The definition of headless ecommerce and how it will change over time
  • What ecommerce brands or merchants would likely be a good fit for headless projects
  • The strengths and weaknesses of headless vs. more traditional deployments
  • Why brands opted to go headless, and outcomes from doing so
  • The pain points that led to a headless project as a possible solution
  • The technical components needed for a headless project
  • The cost implications of going headless
  • The differentiators between BigCommerce and other ecommerce platforms for headless projects
  • …and so much more!

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About the hosts:

BigCommerce powers B2B and B2C ecommerce for more than 60,000 merchants, mid-market businesses, Fortune 1000 companies and industry-leading brands, making it the world’s leading cloud ecommerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses.

BWG Strategy hosts virtual forums and provides primary research that brings to light real-world trends and unique insights. They have a proven track record of enabling candid forums and converting a conversation into actionable ideas.

Coalition Technologies is one of the nation’s leading ecommerce agencies with expertise in online marketing services for web design, SEO, SEM,and more.

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