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Yahoo Stores Migrations

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What’s the best alternative ecommerce software to Yahoo?Most of the Yahoo merchants we talk to are fed up with poor customer service, a lack of modern features, and a lack of more modern aesthetics and design opportunities.

There are a small handful of platforms that really stand out from Yahoo Web Stores (Yahoo Small Business Stores), in a meaningful way, and without a huge increase in price. We usually recommend Shopify, for ecommerce brands with more simplistic catalogs and business operations, and BigCommerce, for ecommerce merchants with more complex catalogs, and selling needs.

Both of these platforms are comparably priced to Yahoo, much easier to use, and much better maintained. You’ll find all the latest innovations in ecommerce, including headless storefronts, Facebook and Instagram Shops, etc.

We typically will spend about an hour talking with a Yahoo merchant to validate our recommendation of one over the other. Because our experts work with multiple platforms, their recommendation is aimed at what is best for you, and not what is best for commissions from the ecommerce platforms.


Coalition can help you safely move off Yahoo Stores.

As one of the leading ecommerce SEO agencies, we’re able to address the biggest concern for many Yahoo ecommerce merchants: how do I unwind nearly a decade of SEO value on the platform without losing a lot of revenue? We’ve done dozens of migrations, for stores worth tens of millions, and can help you move to a new platform without putting your revenue at risk.

Our Yahoo Stores Migration Process

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Coalition’s team makes us one of the best ecommerce agencies on earth. We have helped many brands move from outdated, aging ecommerce platforms to newer ecommerce experiences that they find easier to use and easier to grow through.

If you’ve been stuck on the Yahoo platform for too long and are looking for something else, contact Coalition today!


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