A-List Builders

Client: A-List Builders

URL: www.a-listbuilders.com

Website Focus: Lead Generation

Website Platform: WordPress

Services Provided: SEO, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Home & Garden

Case Summary: This Southern California home remodeling and renovation construction firm has been around since 2010. With our lead generation web development and SEO efforts, they are seeing more traffic, higher rankings, and more qualified leads.

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When A-List Builders first came to us in 2018, they had a somewhat dated website that had been patched together for several years. More recently, they decided they wanted to switch WordPress themes to update the site. They tried hiring someone else to do it when our original web development quote was a bit more than they were able to spend. That developer didn’t work out, so the client came to us to set up a retainer to finish the new site for him.

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With their old 2018 site, there were broken plugins, lorem ipsum pages indexed, and many more issues that come with a dated site. We cleaned this up for them to get the site in better standing for the search engine crawlers and the users visiting the site. For their new site, we got this done in record time and launched in February 2020. Several local optimizations were incorporated into this with the help of suggestions from our expert team of SEO Technicians and Analysts.

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The new theme launched and we immediately saw an uptick in traffic and ranking for local searches and terms. Comparing the month prior to the new site launch to the month after, we saw a 52% increase in users from organic traffic and a 71% increase in sessions, much of which coming from the local Los Angeles area. The bounce rate on their new site also dropped by 49%. A-List Builders are now ranking on page 1 of Google for terms such as “sunset strip home remodeling” and “los angeles building & remodeling firm”, which they previously had not ranked for.

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