Client: Pillo1

URL: pillo1.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce

Services Provided: PPC

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Furniture, Home & Garden

Case Summary: Dr. Raymond Hall created a pillow that promises to relieve neck pain within 30 days. His patented design is adaptable to ensure comfort and support. He approached us looking for a PPC campaign that would improve his revenue. In 30 days, we generated $12,914.35 in sales, with an ROI of 1,103.85%.

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This pillow retailer came to us because they wanted to see more customers and more revenue through our PPC work. Our team knows how to run a cost-effective PPC campaign that targets specific keywords and users in order to have the highest conversion rate possible. Take a look at our results.

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Our PPC team completed extensive research and worked with the client on who they were trying to reach and on which platforms. We set up not only a Google Adwords campaign but a Bing Adwords campaign as well to maximize the number of potential customers. We consistently review the data to improve the ads’ performance.

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Coalition, like this adaptable pillow, lives up to our promises. In just the first month, the Adwords campaigns generated $12,914.35 in sales with a spend of only $2,341.16. This was a significant return on investment of 451.62% while the Bing campaigns had an ROI of 1,103.85%. We continued to increase their revenue every month while reducing their cost per conversion by 41.23%.

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