Whitman Associates


Since 1952, Whitman Associates has provided employment staffing and placement services. They match job seekers with direct hire, temporary to hire, and temporary staffing opportunities offered by their clients. The client reached out to us for help on improving the layout of their website, enhancing core web vitals, verifying and optimizing business profiles, and creating several paid ad campaigns.

See how our team implemented a focused marketing strategy that helped Whitman Associates grow their organic sessions by 77% and users by 75% in this case study. Our PPC efforts reduced ad spend by more than 70% and cost per conversion by 66%.


The website was packed with a lot of copy that was difficult to read. The client believed that the website was clunky and that bounce rates had increased. The website did not have a search bar or a footer, and Google Business and Bing Business profiles were not verified and optimized. Our audit found 404 pages and internal links pointing to them that risked the website’s reliability in the eyes of search engines and users.


Web Development

We reviewed the home page banner and discovered that the call to action (CTA) received fewer clicks when compared to other CTAs on the home page. We updated the CTA, added a secondary CTA button, and changed the color of the CTAs to match their branding.

The website was missing a search bar in the header section, so we added one to allow website visitors to quickly search the website and find the information they need. We optimized copy, highlighting key value propositions. There was no footer on the website, so we added a footer section and optimized it with the business’ logo, social media links, contact details, and relevant page links.

Website visitors viewing the home page had difficulties viewing its content as it had a wall of text and needed to be updated to make it easier to find key information. The text on the home page was broken down into smaller sections, optimized, and incorporated with CTA links.

Link Building

Our link builders continuously pursued PR outreach and article submission opportunities, contacted multiple webmasters seeking backlinks for unlinked brand mentions, and built Whitman Associates’ profile links on multiple platforms. These backlinks were valuable to the brand, as they represented a vote of confidence from other credible and high authority websites back to whitmanjobs.com.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

There was a configuration error with the client’s Google Ads account and there were no location assets affixed to the account. The client’s conversions were incorrectly calculated for several years, as page views and clicks were being recorded as conversions. Our team identified this error and correctly set up conversion tracking to include contact form submissions, calls, and emails. To enhance the performance of local paid ads campaigns, our team successfully linked the GBP profile to the Google Ads account and created several campaigns for the client.

Local Search Grid for Employment Agencies in Washington DC

Local SEO

As we crafted our local SEO strategy, we conducted a thorough Google Business Profile (GBP) competitor analysis. Our strategy identified relevant keywords including “recruiting services”, “staffing agency”, and “temp-to-hire placements”. So we added descriptions filled with keyword-rich content to Whitman Associates’ GBP profile. We verified Whitman’s Bing Business profile and added optimized images and content to boost its local presence on that platform.

We also optimized the company’s Google Business Profile (GBP) and frequently reviewed Local Search Grid (LSG) reports to assess the traffic and performance of the business profiles. Our team provided the client with a form to encourage their clients and job seekers to leave a review. The client adopted the form, which increased the number of clients’ reviews.


The client was happy with the layout and improvements our team made to the website’s pages. Moreover, our marketing efforts led to improvements in key performance indicator metrics. After working with us for one year, the client’s website saw significant growth in organic sessions and organic goal completions. Within two years, we increased the website’s ranking positions for multiple organic keywords. At the start of the campaign, Whitman had 603 keywords in ranking positions. Two years after our partnership began, the client saw 2,126 keywords being ranked, a 252.6% improvement in keyword ranking positions. Keywords in top 3 ranking positions grew by 266.7% within two years. Keywords ranking in positions 4-10, grew by more than 127% within two years. Keywords attaining second page ranking positions grew by 355.8% within the first two years.



In keywords ranking positions

The client continues to see impressive results month after month. Two years after our partnership began, Whitman’s organic sessions improved by 77% compared to that of the previous year. Organic users for this same period grew 75%.



In organic sessions



In organic users

We started PPC campaigns for Whitman in July 2021. Two years later, we reduced the cost of ad campaigns significantly. Previous PPC campaigns cost the client more than $38,062.24, resulting in a cost per conversion rate of $37.79. After we took over their PPC campaigns, cost per conversion decreased to $12.77, a $25.02 reduction in cost per conversion.



In cost per conversion