Wolff Criminal Defense

Wolff Criminal Defense

Client: Wolff Criminal Defense

Website Focus: Lead Generation

Services Provided: PPC, SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Law & Government

Case Summary: Coalition isn’t just a provider for national ecommerce brands. We also work with regional businesses in highly competitive markets like criminal defense.

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Launched in the summer of 2012, WolffCriminalDefense.com wanted traffic on searches relating to DUI lawyers and attorneys in Seattle. The site faced sizable competition, with much older sites and large content volumes vying for the same keywords.

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Aaron Wolff hired Coalition soon after site launch. This enabled us to immediately lay a roadmap to success in his competitive regional search results. By optimizing all pages for user experience and improving on his content, we had the basis for success.

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Within 5 months, Wolff Criminal Defense was ranking on the first page for almost all of their competitive search results pages. Aaron receives over 15 calls a month from organic search alone and has hired a second attorney for his fledgling law firm as a result.

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